Zeldman on Flash and iPad

Jeffery Zeldman: "Lack of Flash in the iPad (and before that, in the iPhone) is a win for accessible, standards-based design. Not because Flash is bad, but because the increasing popularity of devices that don't support Flash is going to force recalcitrant web developers to build the semantic HTML layer first. Additional layers of Flash UX can then be optionally added in, just as, in proper, accessible, standards-based development, JavaScript UX enhancements are added only after we verify that the site works without them." - Good design advice.

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Listen to your users

Nick Bradbury: "If you've never supported your own software, spending just one day doing tech support will be an eye-opening - not to mention humbling - experience. You'll have to keep your ego in check, because most people who contact tech support do so because they're having problems with your software, some of whom will use colorful language to describe the annoyances they're running into." - Nick is right, on all accounts. I did developer support for a couple of years at Visio and most of the time people called because they'd run across some edge case, or wanted something we plain didn't do. On rare occasion the language could become quite, as Nick puts it, colorful. In the end it helps you create a better product and keeps you interested in pleasing the people you really work for, the users of your product.

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