Apple to acquire LaLa?

Wired: "This Lala acquisition could also help iTunes increase its revenue-per-user. Steve Jobs admitted in 2007 that the average iTunes user had only bought an average of 22 songs. By contrast, Lala CEO Bill Nguyen told us in October that its paying customers spend an average of $67 on Lala music, which is available both as 10-cent streams and normally-priced downloads (buying a stream is a down payment on the download)."

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Music labels, here's a good idea.

The Future of Journalism [on Salon]: "Jive was able to put transparent overlay ads on top of the video with click-to-buy links to Amazon and iTunes. Those links helped the song, which was released last year, to bounce into the top 5 of the singles chart at both retailers. The click-through rate on both the wedding video and Brown's official video for "Forever," which also got a big boost, has been much higher than the average rate on similar overlays, Google says." - It would seem that while other record labels are spending their money trying to sue the bejeezus out of people Jive is quietly making money taking advantage of the tools offered by social media services, in this case YouTube.

Oh, if you haven't seen the YouTube Wedding Video, go watch, it'll make you want to dance.

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Wow, what if?

Panic - Extras: "So that's what that never-happened early meeting was going to be about. Since we never met up because we were tangled with AOL, Apple turned to their next choice, SoundJam, and the rest was, well, history. Another one of those amazing "life junctions" you'll always wonder about - what if we had made iTunes? Would we be happy? Would we be having as much fun? Would we be, er, rich?" - Wow, what a great story. Cabel is a great writer and this story of Apple crushing another little guy is fantastic. Fortunately that's just the beginning of the story for Panic.

If you need some great Mac software Panic is holding a two day sale, May 27-May 29. Coda, Transmit, and the Apple Design Award winner, Unison, are all half-price.

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Third Day

Last night Kim and I caught Third Day, with Brandon Heath, and Revive, at The Warnors Theatre, in Fresno. It was a awesome show! I cannot even begin to tell you what a fantastic live band Third Day is. They're everything you'd expect in a great live band. They even take requests, on the spot; they even did a bit of Free Bird.

If you've listened to Christian Music over the past ten, or so, years you know Third Day and you probably know Brandon Heath, but the big surprise of the night was Revive. They're originally from Australia but packed up and moved to the States a couple of years ago. Great story, fantastic band! CD is locked and loaded into iTunes!

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MP3 has killed music

Gizmodo: "You know how most people are perfectly happy with Apple standard-issue earbuds, white plastic molded around a crappy audio experience? A Stanford professor's informal annual study shows that youngins like the "sizzle sounds" of MP3s." - No offense Apple, seriously, but the stuff on my iPod Touch sounds like complete caca, compared to CD, but I knew that going into it. It's really quite sad isn't it? We put up with garbage for the sake of convenience.

To be clear, the stuff I have on my Toshiba Gigabeat sounds bad as well. It's not just an Apple thing. It's the low-quality-for-the-sake-of-drive-space that's the problem.

This is why CD's are still necessary.

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Internet Radio

James Robertson: "I've said before that I like Pandora - and the buying experience couldn't be easier. I was listening to a song that I liked, so I hit the menu option under the playlist, and was presented with options for iTunes and Amazon. I hit Amazon, used the "1 click" thing, and boom - the downloader started bringing the album down and tossed it all into iTunes." - James hits the nail right on the head. Since I started using Pandora I have a list of new music a mile long, and like he said, they make it brain dead simple to purchase. The RIAA needs to buy a clue.


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Interesting Job for ya "Our ideal person is someone who freelances for a living, but wants to spend two days per week developing music software."

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The RIAA and big labels just fainted...

The Unofficial Apple Weblog [via Steve Mitchell]: "Distorted Loop is reporting that Apple has signed a deal with Pure Play Music to add their artists to the iTunes Store, accounting for more that 1 million tracks. eMusic, Amazon and Napster are also a part of the deal." - You all had your chance, now, now you get to play second fiddle.

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8Tracks goes live

8Tracks Blog: "Please kick the tires and let us know what you think. Hit the Feedback link at right if you come across any bugs or you’ve suggestions on ways to make the service better." - Hey, congratulations guys!

A local boy, Richard Caetano, was involved with this effort, so congratulations RC, or Arsy, as he's known on the net.

Anywho, here's what 8Tracks is all about.

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There be Pirates here, arrrrr...

Apple Gazette: "Disney is doing pretty well when it comes to movie sales in iTunes. During a conference call for the company’s Q3 results, Disney president Bob Iger announced that since agreeing to sell movies through iTunes, the company has sold over five million titles." - Apparently this whole selling music and movies online isn't such a bad idea after all. I thought the internet was full of pirates hell bent on giving everything away, for free.

Yeah, the other movie studios, and record companies, will eventually get a clue.

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The new music model

TechCrunch [via James Robertson]: "By cutting out the middlemen (labels, SoundExchange), claims that artists that sign up for the program will receive more than twice the royalty rate they would see if the same song played on commercial radio. That’s because the money goes directly to the artist. (The total royalty, though, is less than what it pays SoundExchange). The royalty that is paying unsigned artists is equivalent to 10 percent of the advertising revenues associated with their songs (update: in certain cases, see below). Musicians get a quarterly check, and can withdraw the money once it reaches $10." - There is a storm brewing, the new era of music is here, Apple could become the biggest player of all by signing new artists and passing royalties directly to them.


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Public Enemy #1

MacWorld: "That’s right: Apple is now officially the labels’ number one enemy—with a bullet. As the largest purveyor of music in the U.S., Apple holds tremendous sway over the music-buying population. And that understandably worries the record companies. The labels are used to being the ones controlling the distribution of their product, raking in the profit on every song sold, but more and more, that power is being consolidated into Apple’s hands, thanks to the overwhelming market share of the iPod and iTunes." - That's right, just target someone else, don't change with the times, try to kill them. Good luck with that.

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What a bozo move...

Alfred E. NewmanMacWorld: "What this means is that after 31 August, music fans who want to shift their sounds from one computer to another will be blocked from doing so. It also means that once all five Windows PCs a user can have authorised for music playback have failed, they will lose their music." - So, you have the Vista debacle, iPod rules the roost, the Yahoo! acquisition is going well, and now you're going to shut down people who legally purchased music from you? Wow.

On the bright side, there's always Mesh?

This company seems to have things figured out.

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NBC and iTunes

I'm a little pirate.Ars Technica: "NBC says it wants to be able to put its TV content back on the iTunes Store, but still has a few reservations—one of which could hold the network back from joining iTunes forever." - NBC, good riddance, don't let the door hit you on the backside on the way out, your loss, make something better, and good luck with that. Look, if you don't want to distribute your content on iTunes, it's no big deal, just move along.

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Apple as Record Label

Gizmodo: "Looks like there might another major announcement at MacWorld. BGR says they've 'confirmed' that Apple is launching a record label with Jay-Z, who's set to step down from Def Jam." - This could get very interesting.

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The RIAA is insane

TechCrunch [via James Robertson]: "If the Judge rules that the RIAA is right, any person in United States who has ever ripped a legally purchased CD will become a copyright thief and a potential target of the RIAA, and that means just about every iPod owner in the country." - If I were a musician I'd ditch my record contract as soon as possible, contact Apple, and negotiate a deal for distribution via iTunes DIRECTLY. Forget the middle man, you don't need a big corporation that presses CD's. Hire a small dedicated team and put more in your own pocket. If the big players disappear it'll be their own darned fault.

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