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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bad Cop - [10:09 AM]

Gothamist: "Still, Pogan pere better be calling in all his favors, because Mayor Bloomberg does not see eye-to-eye with the police union on this one. Yesterday he described the video as 'totally over the top. Inappropriate is a nice way to phrase it. Let's let the police commissioner conduct his investigation.' Commissioner Ray Kelly is baffled by the incident. 'I have no explanation. I can't explain why it happened.' Sources in the NYPD tell the Daily News that the charges against Long will likely be dropped and Pogan will 'almost surely be fired.' And for the cop-bike-bodyslam completeist, Smoking Gun has the police report." - Obviously officer Pogan chose the wrong way to stop the cyclist, even if he felt the man was being 'dangerous' he could've used a different method to stop him. How about starting with the 'Hey, stop', then maybe try grabbing the man around the waist if you needed to stop him by force. Yes, it works, I've done it myself. The cyclist wouldn't have been happy but knocking the guy off the bike was just stupid, and to make matters worse he falsified his report to point blame at the cyclist. Not smart, not smart at all.


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