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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Let it sell! - [9:51 AM]

9to5Mac: "The LA Times blog is reporting that the infamous, limited edition "I am Rich" application was purchased by six Americans, one Frenchman and one German. That's right. These guys gave the developer, Armin Heinrich, a total of $5,600 dollars and Apple $2,400 for what effectively is a 320x480 pixel Photoshopped picture of a jewel." - Look, if you agree to the terms of the sale, you've clicked the button, money changes hands, it's your problem, not Apple's, and not Armin Heinrich's problem.

Why should Apple not allow Mr. Heinrich to sell his application? If someone want's to spend $1000.00 on an app that does nothing, let them buy it. Buyer beware!

Check out the screen shot of the user comment. This is HIS fault. He clicked the button. Next time think before you act. Why, just tell me why would Apple put some $999.00 joke on their site? Oh, and it's not a scam, he spells out exactly what you're getting for your $999.00.

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