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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

BCS, as it should be - [9:36 PM]

Yes, we need a BCS Football Tournament to decide the National Champion, period. It'll take a bit of tweaking to pull it off, but it's possible. First off all these teams that play 13 games will have to scale back to 10, yes, 10. The reason we scale back to 10 is to allow time for the playoffs, pretty simple, right?

Since most teams are finished in December the first round could be completed on what would normally be used for rivalry games and conference championships. If you need a conference championship game, it should be easy to fit in an 11th game before the playoffs.

My plan calls for the second round to be played on January 1! Yippee, we still get bowl games! What could be better?

Round three would be a bit lackluster, but like book two of a good trilogy it acts as a bridge to the big finale! This round is played one week, to a week-and-a-half, later. It depends on where January 1 falls.

The final game, The BCS National Championship game would be played one week later than it's currently played today, one more week, and we could have a true champion. Not the lame system we have today. The system that ranked Florida, a team that lost to an unranked, over Texas, a team that lost to a ranked team.

Anywho, as part of this exercise I've put together a tournament bracket, in Visio of course, that you're welcome to use to play out your own fantasy BCS National Championship.

Here's how mine played out!

Rob's 2008 BCS National Championship Bracket.


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