More Visual Studio 2008 ick

I love Visual Studio. I need a little badge I can wear around that says "I (heart) Visual Studio!" I do, I really, really do. But... and there's always a but isn't there?

The latest release seems to have really gone the wrong direction for the C/C++ developer, in my humble opinion. Editing, debugging, all great. The problem seems to lie in the auto completion/browsing capability. It's horribly slow. This morning, after 30-minutes, I finally had to kill off Visual Studio after right-clicking so I could "Go to Definition" of a method. Yes, I had other stuff to do so I left it alone hoping to come back and the hour glass disappear so I could work, no luck. Nuke it.

So, here I sit, waiting on a build to complete, and I make the mistake of right clicking on method name again. The IDE is now out to lunch, sorry Rob, no right mouse clicks for you, and you can forget ever seeing that menu you'd like to see.

Thing is I'll bet the C#, and Visual Basic crowd, are pretty pleased with it. All those nice little pop-up tool-tippy style helpers that allow you to dig into objects to inspect their values is pretty darned nice. Too bad it comes at the expense of the C/C++ side of the equation.

Maybe, just maybe, there are some settings I'm not aware of that will allow me to get better responsiveness from the bits I do like? I'll need to dig around and see if I can turn off some stuff to improve performance.

PS, I wonder, if the DNA of Visual Studio has a built in defense mechanism that causes it to misbehave in a VM on a Mac? It could happen...

PPS, it's still better than Vi, emacs, and gdb on Linux. Heaven forbid I have to work in that all day, every day.

PPPS, Note to the Linux world. Check out the great job the XCode guys did on their IDE. It uses gdb under the hood and allows you different views of the debugger, gdb console view and a nice GUI view that allows you to set breakpoints interactively.

PPPPS, I need to look at KDevelop again. Maybe it's much better than I give it credit for.

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