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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rendering on top of Adobe AIR? - [10:32 AM]

I have a question for the Adobe AIR team, and I certainly hope you can do what I'd like to do.

Help WantedWe have a highly optimized media pipeline we use to display live and playback video. It's highly configurable and adaptable. Pretty obvious given we're a company that develops digital video surveillance systems. We have our own because we need to be in charge of that pipeline. We need to know what's happening and how so we can give our users the best possible experience. The bottom line. It's critical to the success of the product.

Now that we've laid the foundation for the question, here it is. How can I render into an AIR based application and not degrade performance? In a recent release of .NET 3.5 we can do this very thing in WPF, although I'd call it a bit of a hack, it works as expected, and, in general it gives us the performance we're after and makes us a nice WPF citizen.

Are there any technical articles floating around that...
A) Describe how AIR renders.
B) Describes a technique for painting on an AIR surface in a way that doesn't effect AIR performance?

Now, I'm no wilting flower when it comes to rolling up my sleeves and getting dirty. If it means using some Adobe provided API's for rendering, great, point me in the right direction!

My bottom line. I need to be able to render our video into an Adobe AIR application, the way I want, with the performance I expect, otherwise AIR is useless to me for this application.

Thanks for any, and all, feedback.

P.S. - Dear Adobe, don't take that the wrong way. I think AIR is an awesome technology. It just may not be useful for what we want to do. Thanks.

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