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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Publishing Static Pages - [11:00 AM]

Brent Simmons: "Itís more than just a weblog system, though: itís a small content management system, complete with templates and macros and snippets and all that good stuff. Iíll be able to use it to create the help manual for NetNewsWire and to manage the appcast feeds (both of which Iíve been doing by hand, to my extreme horror)." - Brent talks about his new CMS he's written in Ruby. Go read the entire post, it's quite good. He talks about his time at UserLand and how Dave Winer, and his time working for him, influenced his design.

I've looked at different weblogging systems over the years. I've wanted to replace Blogger, but I can't find a system that works the way I want. I used Radio, but didn't like the UI and it ran on my local machine. I gave WordPress a try, and loved it, but I really like the idea of publishing static pages. I don't want them generated with each hit of the website, a static page is just fine, and it's what I want. You'll notice old pages on this site do not change when the site look changes, that is important to me. So, until I find that perfect mix of CMS and weblogging system, that runs on the backend, publishes static pages, and allows me to use a client side application to post to it, I'll keep using Blogger.

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