MarsEdit 2.3

MarsEdit by Red Sweater SoftwareDaniel Jalkut: "It feels great to finally have an official release out there that supports Tumblr. I would like to thank Marco Arment for his patience in working with me to improve the Tumblr API, so that it will work better with MarsEdit. There are still areas where we can improve the integration on both sides of equation, but I think this release represents a great start." - If you have a Tumblr account, and you're a Mac fanatic, MarsEdit is a fantastic weblog editor. I manage my main weblog, which is Blogger based, a test weblog which is WordPress based, a Windows Live Spaces weblog, and finally a Tumblr weblog. MarsEdit works as advertised with every one of them.

Congratulations on another great release Daniel.

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