Cringely on the setting Sun

I, Cringely: "It's easy. First drop all the bits of Sun that don't make money. Then drop all the bits that don't fit in Oracle's strategic vision. Bring the back office entirely into Redwood Shores. The cut what overhead is left to match the restructured business. Sell SPARQ to some Asian OEM. Cut R&D by 80 percent, saving $2.4 billion per year. I'm guessing sell StorageTek, maybe even to IBM. And on and on. Gut Sun and milk what remains." - So it would appear Sun could've been purchased for a few core items; Java, Solaris, and MySQL. Oracle could make some killer rackmount appliances now. Traditionally Oracle ran best on Solaris running on Sparc. It'll be interesting to see if they beef up efforts to run Solaris on Intel. Could you imagine an Enterprise level database-in-a-box appliance running Intel, Solaris, and Oracle Database? I can.

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