Slow down

Visalia Times Delta: "The Passat was traveling at a speed too fast for the roadway and the driver, Masson Blow, 19, of Lompoc, lost control, the CHP reported." - I spent just over a year driving this highway when I worked for Paramount Farms. I have friends that still drive it. It's an extremely dangerous road because people tend to get very stupid. It's a two lane road in the middle of nowhere so folks believe they can drive 90+ and get away with it. The problem is they can't control their vehicle at those speeds and folks pay the ultimate price. There are multiple deaths on 41 EVERY year. You'd think the CHP would be given the resources to properly police the area and write monster tickets, along with hauling folks to the pokey, for speeding.

One of Exeter's own, Casey Goodwin, was kill on that very highway in 2003.

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