Congress and the BCS

Bleacher Report: "Since undefeated Utah was overlooked for the national championship game many fans have been up in arms over the decision. Now Congress is looking into the situation. Some congressmen are even going as far as comparing the BCS to communism, and President Barrack Obama has also spoken out about the BCS system." - Absolutely not! While I believe the BCS is completely busted, Congress shouldn't have a darned thing to do with it. If it's ever going to get fixed it'll take the BCS and the NCAA losing money, and sponsors. This the the good ole U S of A. Money talks baby. Will it get fixed? I hope so. Is it likely to happen. Not any time soon.

Oh, and the argument that it would kill off traditional bowl games, think again. I'm a simple man and I figured out a way to make it work. You'd think the BCS guys could figure it out.

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