Cross platform, a myth?

Marcus Cavanaugh: "Developing for multiple operating systems at once is like talking on a cell phone while driving: You can accomplish each task successfully, but you'll excel at neither. Unless you develop an application with a native GUI toolkit and relentlessly embrace native operating system conventions, you will achieve mediocre results. The more you disregard or abstract away your target platform, the more diluted your user experience becomes." - Yep, you make tradeoffs to achieve cross platform applications. I see it all the time, but that's just a part of the game. Often you have to go "lowest common denominator", like not taking complete advantage of the platform. An example that comes to mind, because we do video, would be choosing OpenGl over Direct3D on Windows, but I guess if it works and it's good enough, no harm, no foul, sort of. The thing is the users will notice, something will feel off. The example of Office on the Mac is a great one. It's busy. I've become accustomed to very trim user interfaces in most Mac applications, but Office is full of buttons, and you notice it.

Getting the user experience correct isn't an easy thing to do, when you do get it right you may never know, if you get it wrong the users scream to high heaven.

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