Delphi on Mac OS X?

Allen Bauer: "I guess the proverbial cat is now out of the bag. As was shown in the Delphi/C++Builder roadmap at Delphi Live!, Project X has been under way for a while now. So now you know some of the reason why things have been rather quiet here since I could not really talk about what I'm working on. The good news is that we now have a returning top-shelf engineer working on the compiler. This person was heavily involved with the original Delphi on Linux project, so there is a lot of institutional knowledge that he's able to bring to the table." - I have a lurking interest in Delphi. The guys at Embarcadero, formerly CodeGear, formerly Borland, create great IDE's and developer tools. Here's hoping the embrace the Macintosh way and make it impossible for someone to tell an Objective-C/Cocoa application from a Delphi Mac OS X application.

The good thing is it opens the doors to more developers, the bad thing is is opens the doors to more developers. If developers coming from Windows bring all their Windows baggage along with them we'll get some pretty crummy Mac applications. If they embrace what the Mac development community has know all along they should do just fine.

What is it Mac developers do differently? They create elegant, useful, stable, simple, to-the-point, software. You see it time and again on the Macintosh and I've come to appreciate it. The application I use to post to this weblog is a prime example, MarsEdit is something I use everyday, and it fits all those qualities I've listed above. Most Windows applications have noisy UI's, just look at Microsoft Word, and you'll see what I'm talking about.

So, Embarcadero, please, please pay attention to the toolbox and make sure everything you do looks like belongs on the Macintosh!


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