Yes, that is a Kindle

Jerry Fahrni: "Speaking of the Kindle, my brother purchased one for his wife on Mother's Day. I had the opportunity for a little "hands on" this week. My impression of the Kindle prior to laying my hands on it was that it was lame, very lame. Now I feel silly because the device is completely and totally awesome. The online photos simply don't do it justice. It is a sleek, sophisticated device that was a pleasure to hold and read with. I'm placing an order for the new Kindle as soon as it's available. Hopefully the waiting list won't be too long." - Jerry, or Jay as we call him, came over last night and got a first hand look at Kim's Kindle, don't know if I mentioned I'd bought her one for Mother's Day? He had the same impression I did. It's a totally different experience if you can actually hold the device in your hands. It's sleek, very sleek, all the way down to the packaging. When my wife opened the box I instantly thought "This is something Apple would ship."

I actually took pictures of the experience, I need to grab them off the camera and post them somewhere.

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