Developer opportunities in medicine

Jerry Fahrni: "Our most recent upgrade offers a significant step backward in usability while offering virtually no additional benefits. In addition to the serious lack of functionality, the customer service, programmer support, consulting support, and all around implementation leadership offered by Siemens Healthcare (at a significant cost of course) was the worst I've experienced in my 12 years as a pharmacist." - My brother is a geeky pharmacist that deals with IT issues related to the pharmacy systems at the hospital he works for. He one of the smartest people I know, is a great problem solver, very passionate about what he does, and all around good guy. This problem just about drove him to upgrade to drinking the hard stuff, yes that's right, I'm talking about regular Pepsi vs. Diet. That's saying a LOT, I haven't seen my brother drink regular Pepsi in ages, so you know this must've been frustrating, but I digress.

There is an opportunity here for some really good software development shops to step in and design web, or desktop based, systems that integrate all these disparate systems into a cohesive workflow. I've seen some really GOOD integrations and I've seen some really bad ones. The hospitals seem to always get the bad integrations, which is a real bummer. They really need their systems to work consistently day in and day out.

Wish I knew of a way to help you brosephus, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I think it's time you learn to develop software, I think you'd be really good at it. It's just a bunch of bits, right?

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