Pen and Paper vs. Digital

Jerry Fahrni: "As I got up from my work to get another cup of coffee I felt a little amused at the image in front of me. My days are spent working with various types of pharmacy technology, computers, automated storage devices, barcoding equipment, etc., but there on the table in front of me was a paper notepad and an ink pen." - I love this post, I really, really do. There are just some things that are hard to replace digitally. I worked on an application, for 10-years mind, intended to replace pen and paper for diagramming, but the diagrams always started life on a white board or on paper. It's just easier. Once they needed to become "real" they'd move into digital form, using Visio of course.

I have a super nice iPhone application I've been meaning to evaluate. It's called Instaviz and it could be just what the doctor ordered for banging out "on the spot" diagrams, maybe a replacement for pen and paper?

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