Why should an upgrade be cheap?

Why all the negative press about AT&T's pricing on the iPhone 3G S? Look, I'm not a mobile phone power user, I've had two personal cell phones, which I'm sure is well below the nation average, and I can't figure out why people are upset? If you went out and bought a brand new laptop and two weeks later an updated version came along would you expect the vendor to heavily discount an upgrade to the latest version? No, I didn't think so. So why do people expect heavy discounts on the 3G S? Do other phone vendors give huge discounts on upgraded hardware? That's a serious question. I don't know the answer, but I'm guessing it's a big fat No.

I say if you have an iPhone and you want, key word here being want, an upgrade you should pay the retail price. I chose not to have an iPhone because the plan is pricey, not because the phone may cost a lot. If the month-to-month pricing dropped to "normal" rates I'd probably own one. AT&T can't seem to keep up with technology demands, like supporting tethering on their network and they want to charge a premium for a certain group of users that can't event take full advantage of their hardware? Meanwhile Verizon is steaming ahead. Hopefully we'll see the exclusive deal with AT&T end soon, so we have some competition in the iPhone market, which would be good for end-users, bad for AT&T, but good for us.


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