IE8 video was real? "In total four adverts were made with Dean Cain starring in all of them and proclaiming IE8 can solve many of the problems regular users have when surfing the Internet. The reception the adverts got has been mixed, but it is one video in particular users either found funny, offensive, or off-putting." - I thought this was some sort of joke, put on by some random joe blow making fun of Microsoft? I finally saw it. Microsoft paid someone to shoot this crap, and then used it?

Why is it the worlds largest, and by all accounts, most successful software company in history can't make a decent commercial? I like the new Bing commercial, it's funny, and gets the point across. But how does a wife throwing up on her hubby get the point across about a feature in the browser. I know my wife would probably vomit if she saw it.

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