Weblogging System

Brent Simmons: "I tried Wordpress for a little while on this weblog since I wanted to have comments. And last night I switched off Wordpress, back to my homegrown static-rendering system." - I've written about this before. The BIG thing that has kept me with Blogger is the ability to publish static pages.

I'd love to try a new, self-hosted, simple weblogging system, that publishes static pages, can publish a "one-off" page; meaning not a part of my weblog flow, oh, and works with my favorite weblogging client, MarsEdit. I can use Disqus for comments and that's about all I need. I don't even need to import my old content because it already exists in static form on my weblog.

That's the system I'm after. Maybe it's time to start creating said system? I've wanted an excuse to learn Python, but I want help doing it because it's too darned time consuming, and I have other things that keep me super busy.

I also need to take another look at Tumblr, I believe I can publish static pages with that, and with Red Sweater's last update to MarsEdit I can now communicate to Tumblr from the desktop.


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