Bilbo Baggins cast

Slashfilm: "Ian McKellen was present in person to intro the screenings, and while he only spoke for a very short time, he managed to get the crowd into something of a frenzy. Not only did he confirm that he'll be coming back as Gandalf, and is expecting to start work on set in March of next year, he also dropped a bit of a casting bombshell. According to McKellen, the starring role of Bilbo Baggins has been successfully cast already. Not only that, but he knows who has the role and he's sure that the fans will be very, very pleased." - Apparently The Hobbit will be a two parter, I for one think that's fantastic, and I'm hoping beyond hope they'll be released a year apart around Christmas. During The Lord of the Rings we always had a great film to look forward to at Christmas.


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