Placing hope in Verizon?

CNet: "When testing a carrier's network, the only constant is that there is no constant. Not all of the Verizon phones that CNET has tested have been exceptional. Similarly, we've reviewed many AT&T handsets that have surpassed the iPhone both in voice quality and 3G data reception. So I'm somewhat skeptical that a Verizon iPhone will be better simply because it's on Verizon." - We have AT&T service and I don't really have an issue with it. I've heard too many horror stories, but it may just be a problem with AT&T in certain areas, like NY or SF. Here in rural California AT&T seems to work fine most of the time.

It would seem that most people that have taken the survey in the linked article believe the iPhone will be better on Verizon, it stands at 64% as I write this.

Oh, and we haven't arrived at the place where mobile phones can replace hard lines. The technology just isn't there yet, not nearly as reliable, and the voice quality can be crummy.

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