Scobleizer and Posterous

Robert Scoble [on Posterous]: "Oh, and one other disclaimer: I see that this is running on the Rackspace Cloud. That makes my heart warm!" - The plot thickens! Posterous is hosted on Rackspace, which is where Robert works. This could be reason enough to switch. Posterous has a lot of fans, but it's JAWS (Just Another Weblogging System.) I think it's time to take the Posterous challenge, create the bullet list of features vs. other weblogging systems, and see how it stacks up. I know it doesn't work with my favorite client, MarsEdit, which tells me it doesn't support any of the popular remote editing API's. That's clearly a big minus for me. Posterous may end up being like Facebook, or MySpace. A simple way to reach the web. Not as full featured, but gets the job done for granny, or for the kids.

I'm sure their account numbers shot through the roof yesterday when Robert announced on FriendFeed he as going to talk with a Posterous evangelist, exclaiming "Will today be the day?"

It's a good thing to have Robert talk about your product, he's one of the good guys, and it gives you instant credibility, even if he hasn't made an endorsement, yet.


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