Truth about Pharmacy

Pill Bottle.Jerry Fahrni: "And the best news I've heard all day, 90 percent of the students surveyed felt that information from pharmaceutical sales reps was not credible. It appears that there is hope for the medical profession after all. - By the way, this sounds like a good survey to administer to pharmacy students. Who would like to help me design the questionnaire?" - It's very interesting having a brother that's a Pharmacist. They're every bit as important to health care as a Doctor, but they don't get the respect of a Doctor, heck, they don't get the respect a nurse gets, which is a real shame considering they know what they know. Look, if you're bleeding internally you want a great doctor to take care of the problem, so why is it people seek advice on medicine from their doctor instead of their pharmacist? The pharmacist is the one that knows drugs and drug interactions, not the doctor. The doctor knows what some pharmaceutical rep has told them, do you honestly believe they read the literature like a pharmacist does? I don't think so.

Pharmacists save lives, seek their advice about your medications.

That is all.


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