Scoble on Twitter's SUL

Robert Scoble: "OK, so when Twitter came out with its Suggested User List I went through a bunch of emotions. Hatred. Jealousy. Self loathing. Blaming. Anger. Denial. All that kind of stuff. I have lashed out at it over the last few months here and there. Pissing off Tim O'Reilly and Veronica Belmont and a whole raft of other people. After all, I had more followers than any of my friends did before this list came along and now they all have millions of unearned followers that were gifted to them by winning a lottery called 'the Suggested User List.' Also known as the 'SUL.'" - Robert, Robert, Robert... why does this matter so darned much? Make the R.S.U.L. and get on with it. Would you be happier if Twitter removed the "Following" and "Followers" stats from your page? That way you wouldn't know how many people you're following and how many are following you. Ahhhh, bliss! What if people could categorize what they talk about in a better way, or better yet, what if Twitter did a Google-like job of categorizing what you're talking about and had killer search so you could find like minded people. I know you believe followers equals revenue, although I'm not sure how it works, but it would seem you already have quite a following. Are you more interested in being the Paris Hilton of Technology? Being famous for being famous? You're a good guy Robert. I don't want you to become the Paris Hilton of Tech, I like Scobleizer much better.

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