Tablet Comparison

Jerry Fahrni: "Both tablets were readable in direct sunlight, but I think the J3400 may have a slight advantage over the XT2 secondary to better viewing angles in sunlight. Either tablet would be preferable to my laptop which is nearly impossible to read while in direct sunlight; I've tried several time." - Jerry, or Jay as the family calls him, has a nice comparison of a couple of Tablet PC's. He includes some pictures of his outdoor experience with these mobile devices.

A side note. Jay is a Tablet PC FREAK! If you're in the market for a Tablet he's a very knowledgeable source. He's also a mobile freak. He evaluates handheld devices all the time, a new one ships, he's at the store checking it out. So, he's not a bad source of information if you're comparing, say, an iPhone against a Palm Pre.

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