Custom URL shortening

I purchased a new domain a while back with the intent of creating my own URL shortening service.

I'm writing this now because I just noticed an entry, from Mr. Bob Kepford, on Twitter about setting up his own. It reminded me, I need to get this show on the road.

But what should I use? I've decided to go with Adjix. They have a very simple setup for creating your own custom shortening service by using Amazon S3 as the storage mechanism and they simply redirect from your URL, through Adjix, and off to the desired URL. Pretty sweet!

So, what do you need? Simple, Adjix has a weblog post to explain the entire thing. After you've read it, and configured your own service, read the next entry to complete the full setup.

Dave Winer, A.K.A. Dr. Bootstrap, was one of the first to do this, and it's working quite well for him.

Dave's own custom label shortening service,, has been online and working for a while now.

Example shortened URL.

I will be applying this to my own, white label, URL shortening service, soon, I hope.

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