Another reason to like static HTML

Scripting News: "Choose software that's easy to archive. Ideally you should just have to make a copy of a folder to back it up. Most bloggiong software is nowhere near that simple. " - This is yet another reason I LOVE my statically published weblog pages. I've moved my weblog to a few different hosts over the years and I can do exactly what Dave does; I tar up a directory, copy it to the new host, untar, and I have my weblog up and operating. Easy. It's also darned easy to backup, using the same method.

All this talk boils out of a post on Blogspotting, a BusinessWeek blog, that is going bye-bye. The writer would like to back up his work, I'm not even sure if he has the right to do that, but it puts the light on backup/archival yet again.

I'm one step away from moving to a WordPress based weblog, and this comes along to make me think twice, again!

How easy is it for one to migrate a WordPress based weblog to a new host? As easy as 1-2-3, or does it involve moving a database? Hopefully that process has been completely automated. It looks like quite a process, doesn't it?

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