Droidie: "Some people have asked if I like the Droid because I don't like the iPhone, and yes - that's true too. My early enthusiasm for the iPhone was dampened by the fact that it didn't achieve what I felt was its basic promise, that it would be a Mac but in a small form factor. I wanted my Mac software to run in this environment. The iPhone did not even try to do this." - Dave, the Droid won't help in this matter. It's my understanding Droid is all Java based. You'd have had better luck porting your existing OPML Editor to the iPhone, at least there you can write plain C code, yes I know the UI is Cocoa, but underneath you can still write code in C. There are so many modern weblogging systems today that have great support on Mac and the iPhone why not take the plunge and move forward? WordPress is a great example. You can use the web UI, which is fantastic, you can use a desktop tool like Red Sweater's MarsEdit on the client side, and use WordPress for iPhone to get mobile weblogging.

Just a thought.

BTW - How many Droid applications do you think you'll write? Apparently it's free to grab the SDK and write apps. Will we see the OPML Editor rewritten in Java? That would certainly make it extremely useful on many platforms, not just Windows, Mac, or Droid.

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