A Droid Review

Chris Brogan: "I've been using AT&T for over a year now, and switching back to Verizon was a breath of fresh air. The web browsing is markedly faster on the Verizon 3G network. Calls stayed up on the three times I made a longer call while driving. In short, it just worked. iPhone fanboys, you have to admit that's a weakness." - Apple, please, please, get your phones out from under the crap network that is AT&T. My brother just went out and bought a Droid out of his allegiance to the Verizon network. Hey, if you can't have the best phone, the second best is good enough when the phone actually works like a phone.

I'd considered a Palm Pre a little over a month ago mainly due to the great pricing; $70.00 unlimited text, voice, and data, and a nice clear network, but I just couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger because the iPhone is just that good. I'm not at a point where I'm willing to pay full price for an iPhone, even $299.00 for a 3G is too much for my tastes, but I'm getting closer every day. When I can get one for $99.00 I'm in.

Now, having said that, if we decided to switch to Verizon for the great network I'll definitely go Droid, unless the iPhone is there, then it's a no brainer. iPhone wins in my book, but sometimes #2 is just good enough. Think Mac vs. Windows. I'd rather use a Mac every day, but I can make due with a Windows box, even though I'd rather not. Then again, who knows, maybe Droid can become the best phone on the market? Only time will tell, and Apple being tethered to the AT&T ball-and-chain is not helping matters.

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