Facebook Scaling

Dare Obasanjo [via James Robertson]: "Haystack runs on commodity hardware (i.e. Dell Linux boxes with a terabyte SATA drives) and is a custom file system which keeps all file indexes in RAM to speed up lookups. Today Haystack is so optimal that it only takes one I/O operation to load a photo compared to 3 I/O operations for the previous optimized implementation and 10 I/O operations for the initial NFS based system. Haystack is so scalable that they once accidentally disabled their CDNs and Haystack served all photos on the site without breaking a sweat. The service was built by 3 developers in a couple of months. It will be Open Sourced in the near future." - Very darned cool post. The Facebook guys are really tearing it up. I know I've been critical of them in the past, believing them to be the next MySpace, but they've gone so far beyond anything before them.

A side note. I love Dare's soft sell at the end of the article, "If you're interested in working on or building systems similar to the ones described above for the 500 million users who utilize Windows Live services. Send me a resume, we're always looking for good developers."

Microsoft has lost its luster, I'm afraid. I don't know many, if any, people that have Microsoft on their places to work list. There are too many exciting startups, especially in the social space, to work for the "New version of the 80's IBM."

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