Google's Gain

Don Dodge: "Thanks Microsoft, I'm going to Google! Vic Gundotra at Google was the first one to contact me with an opportunity... 90 minutes after the news of the layoff hit. That fast decisive action was refreshing, and such a contrast to the slow, secretive, bureaucracy at Microsoft." - Ahhh, yes, Microsoft is cleaning house. Along with the dead weight they're going to get rid of some good folks. I can assure you, Microsoft does NOT value experience, at least that was my experience. They like hiring young, bright, kids they can run in the ground. Then when you mature and realize you have more important things in your life, like family and friends, and stop putting in 80 hours a week, well, they're done with you. Time to move on, for the better. Microsoft has lost quite a bit of its' former luster. It has grown into the hard to navigate ship, Titanic like. The still produce great stuff, don't get me wrong, but they're no longer the nimble company they used to be.

I'm sure Don will find Google a very different experience.

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