Life at Google

Don Dodge: "The Google campus is beautiful, funky, and efficient. There are bicycles everywhere for people to use to get between buildings. In some ways it feels like a college campus, but the intensity level is much higher. Most people sit in open cubes with four or more people in a pod. Offices with doors typically have 2 or 3 people in them. People work in groups and there is a real sense of teamwork everywhere you look." - Very different from Microsoft, in so many ways. Some folks thrive in Google environment, some in the Microsoft environment, and there are cases where people cannot make the transition from home to another. It looks like Don is thriving.

And I couldn't agree more with this statement...
I think in the near future there will be docking stations everywhere with a screen and a keyboard.
Don is referring to your phone becoming your primary computer. Think about that for a couple of minutes. When I saw the iPhone for the first time that thought came to mind.

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