The weblog publishing search continues

AHHHHHH!Rob Wells: "Tumblr isn't a bad system. It's really not. It's fantastic. But it's just not what I'm looking for for my main site. I've still got it set up and I'm still going to post things to it, but 'proper' blog posts that have taken time and effort will be published here." - A view from a switcher. This particular Rob went from WordPress to Tumblr back to WordPress. My research into weblogging systems continues. I've been experimenting with Movable Type a bit, along with Tumblr, and of course I'm continuing to use Blogger to post.

I hope to put together an official review of the systems I'm evaluating in the near future. To be perfectly honest I'd love to move to WordPress but it misses the one feature I find most important; static publishing. If it wasn't for that I'd have leapt to it a while back.

So, we're down to three systems as of today. Movable Type, Tumblr, and Blogger.

P.S. - I am well aware of WordPress caching systems. Thanks.

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