Objective-C and C++

CodFusion [via James Robertson]: "Can Adobe just port what they have into Objective-C or use Carbon. Unfortunately no, the Flash Player is written in C++ and going from C++ to Objective-C is not very practical. Objective-C is just another superset of C. It simply adds some OOP logic and a messaging and some of the syntax is similar to Smalltalk. You can compile any C program into Objective-C but that's not currently possible to do with a C++ program." - Emphasis is mine. I can assure you, having done it myself, you can use your current C++ code from Objective-C. I took a collection of pure C++ classes, unmodified, and used them from an Object-C/Cocoa based application. That collection of classes did not have any OS specific code, which made my job easier.

That's not to say Adobe doesn't face a huge uphill climb, it really does, but it can be done. Replacing Carbon with Cocoa is going to be tough. Since they're a cross platform shop I would hope they have a nice set of frameworks that abstract most of the platform specifics from the developer, but that of course is difficult to do. The Photoshop team is in the middle of the Carbon to Cocoa battle.

Bottom line - you can use your C++ with your Objective-C code.

P.S. - I have become a huge fan of Objective-C and Cocoa, I'm just sayin'.

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