The problem with company blogs

Inc: "The big-hit technology companies from the past 10 years tend to have pathetic blogs. Twitter's blog, like Facebook's and Google's, is full of utterly boring press releases rewritten to sound a little bit less stuffy. Apple's employees produce virtually no blogs, even though the company has introduced several game-changing new products in the past decade. Meanwhile, hundreds of Microsoft's employees have amazing blogs, but these have done nothing to stave off that company's slide into stodginess." - He's right. The best weblogs tend to be run by the little guys. The indies making a living using the technology they're talking about. Company weblogs often have to walk a fine line, they have to be careful about what they're saying and how they say it. Just look at Joel, he's killing off his weblog because he can't really be himself any longer for fear of offending someone. I think there are still some exceptional BigCo weblogs to read, John Nack for instance. I think he does a great job of representing Adobe and talking to his audience, without sounding like a marketing wank (yeah, yeah, I know, he's not a marketing wank, but you get the picture.)

I guess what I'm trying to say is this. If you're going to have a company weblog, or company weblogs, don't come across too stodgy or corporate, it's a turnoff.


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