What's a Pixel Qi?

Jerry Fahrni: "The Pixel Qi screen offers the quick refresh of an LCD screen with the low power consumption and direct sunlight readability of e-ink. I'm excited about the Pixel Qi technology and have been waiting for their screens to appear in consumer devices for quite some time. In fact, I'm holding off my purchase of a Kindle DX until I see a Pixel Qi screen for myself. I'm just not a fan of reading PDF files on a backlit LCD display, and reading them on a Nook or Kindle isn't a great experience either." - Pharmacist by day, super geek by night, my brother ladies and gentlemen. Jay is the ultimate gadget man and does a lot of research into mobile devices because he absolutely loves them. This particular technology has been on his radar for the better part of a year and it's finally hitting the streets.

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