Cool NY Job! "We need an Android developer to help us develop the best eReader for Android devices. If you dream of electric sheep we want to hear from you!" - Gee you think that's a job working on the Nook? What a sweet gig, if you're a Java boy.

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Android Review

Jerry Fahrni: "Overall the Droid is a great device. It is very powerful and flexible for people who need to feel like power users. Can the phone be used by the casual user? Of course, but it also offers the flexibility to go beyond that for those of us that like to play. I have about three weeks left on the trial period for my Droid and I plan on putting it through its paces during that time. At this moment the phone is definitely a keeper, but I have my eye on the HTC ERIS as well." - I have a lot of respect for my brothers opinion, and since he's a mobile freak, I take him at his word. He likes the Droid, it's probably a pretty decent phone.

As for me and my money, we shall go with an iPhone.

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Droid and photographers

Dave Winer [on Twitter]: "I can't leave the netbook. I'm taking a realtime photography trip. Without the netbook there's no realtime to it." - Depending on the type of storage your camera uses the Droid could be the perfect companion for Photographers. If you want to upload photos realtime, take your shots, pop your card out of camera, pop it in the Droid, and upload! No need to take your netbook with you for realtime support.

Now, all you need is someone like Fraser Speirs to create some super applications to get the job done.

This is another thing Apple should consider with the next version of the iPhone. Support for a microSD card would be quite nice.

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Smart Phone Platforms

Robert Scoble: "He says on Windows Mobile and other phones it's getting downloaded far less often than that. Westergren told me if he were starting development today he'd build for the above three platforms and is seeing more growth in Android than the others, so he'd bias to iPhone and Android, if he had to make a choice of only two platforms to develop on. This is also what I'm hearing from many other developers." - Yep. I love me some iPhone development, so much so I wish I could find a way to do it full time. Having said that, Android is looking more and more like a solid number two, with the Palm Pre coming in at number three in my book.

My brother, who co-developed RxCalc, is dug in at Verizon for mobile service, and he's looking at Droid for his next phone. Not a bad choice.

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