Omni, designing for the iPad

The Omni Mouth: "I want to say that's sort of crazy, except our own CEO Ken Case created a terrifyingly accurate faux iPad using a 3D printer. It-well, it even has a little Omni logo on it. And a 30-pin dock connector. And... look, it's just very, very realistic and I'm a little worried about how much sleep everyone is getting, okay?" - I think I need a 3D printer. This is a great way to put together a UI, just move a bunch of paper around. I remember our UX team doing this at Visio. They'd do usability with pieces of paper. Great stuff.

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I'll give you $40

On Edge 559: "On December 30th a post appeared in the art/media/design jobs section of requesting a graphic designer. The poster wanted to hold a contest to design an ad for a 'high end clothing store' and the winner would receive a $40 reward. What ensued were impassioned responses by several readers." - I hate to say it, but it's true, this is what you get in the Fresno area. Thing is, they'll get someone to do it. Hey, maybe Noah Stokes can help you?

Come to think of it Maybe I'll put together my own submission, I'm good with Acorn and Visio.

NOTE OF CAUTION: There's a bit of language in the post, but it is funny.

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Seasonal Look

Rob's 2009 Jack-O-LanternDan Wood's Mac Indie Marketing: "The idea was to get as many indie developers to insert a bit of code, and some artwork, into their application, and have it released before Halloween. Then, simultaneously, Snow Leopard users would notice that a lot of their apps - at least those that were from participating indie companies - had special Halloween icons." - I love this idea, and would participate no questions asked, if I had a Mac Application. It should be no surprise I'd participate, just look how my header graphic changes month by month. Not to mention how much I LOVE HALLOWEEN! Great stuff.

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Facebook Scaling

Dare Obasanjo [via James Robertson]: "Haystack runs on commodity hardware (i.e. Dell Linux boxes with a terabyte SATA drives) and is a custom file system which keeps all file indexes in RAM to speed up lookups. Today Haystack is so optimal that it only takes one I/O operation to load a photo compared to 3 I/O operations for the previous optimized implementation and 10 I/O operations for the initial NFS based system. Haystack is so scalable that they once accidentally disabled their CDNs and Haystack served all photos on the site without breaking a sweat. The service was built by 3 developers in a couple of months. It will be Open Sourced in the near future." - Very darned cool post. The Facebook guys are really tearing it up. I know I've been critical of them in the past, believing them to be the next MySpace, but they've gone so far beyond anything before them.

A side note. I love Dare's soft sell at the end of the article, "If you're interested in working on or building systems similar to the ones described above for the 500 million users who utilize Windows Live services. Send me a resume, we're always looking for good developers."

Microsoft has lost its luster, I'm afraid. I don't know many, if any, people that have Microsoft on their places to work list. There are too many exciting startups, especially in the social space, to work for the "New version of the 80's IBM."

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Wanted: Designers

Smile!I've had a few different designs for this weblog over the years. All of which I'm to blame for, hey, I'm no designer(at least graphic/web), just a guy that loves technology, and loves to say a lot about nothing.

In that time I've had the pleasure to run into a couple of really great designers; Kevin Medeiros and Erik Kochackis. Kevin and Erik have both contributed some fantastic header graphics to my little corner of web, and I really appreciate their help.

There is a problem however. Because these guys are so good they don't have the time to help me round out my header collection! DOH! Erik is the most recent creator. He gave my site the goofy apple core you see at the top today. Yes, my apple core is alive, has a smile, and changes his appearance as the months change. He's very talented.

I'm missing three critical apple cores. October, November, and December. I'd like to fix that. So, are there any artists out there that would have the time to create three apple cores to round out my collection? If you're up for the task please drop me a line ( with an estimate and a link to portfolio.

This will also serve to help me find a designer for what I hope is more to come with my little iPhone, and Mac, development venture.

P.S. - If you'd like to do it for free, with attribution, I'm ok with that too. Smile, life is good!

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Developer opportunities in medicine

Jerry Fahrni: "Our most recent upgrade offers a significant step backward in usability while offering virtually no additional benefits. In addition to the serious lack of functionality, the customer service, programmer support, consulting support, and all around implementation leadership offered by Siemens Healthcare (at a significant cost of course) was the worst I've experienced in my 12 years as a pharmacist." - My brother is a geeky pharmacist that deals with IT issues related to the pharmacy systems at the hospital he works for. He one of the smartest people I know, is a great problem solver, very passionate about what he does, and all around good guy. This problem just about drove him to upgrade to drinking the hard stuff, yes that's right, I'm talking about regular Pepsi vs. Diet. That's saying a LOT, I haven't seen my brother drink regular Pepsi in ages, so you know this must've been frustrating, but I digress.

There is an opportunity here for some really good software development shops to step in and design web, or desktop based, systems that integrate all these disparate systems into a cohesive workflow. I've seen some really GOOD integrations and I've seen some really bad ones. The hospitals seem to always get the bad integrations, which is a real bummer. They really need their systems to work consistently day in and day out.

Wish I knew of a way to help you brosephus, I'd do it in a heartbeat. I think it's time you learn to develop software, I think you'd be really good at it. It's just a bunch of bits, right?

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iPhone icon viewer

Sebastiaan de With: "Composition is not an icon generator or designer in any way; it is made for people who care about the way their icons look, and want to get a break from the horrible workflow of mashing previews of icons together in Photoshop. There will be several easy-to-access Photoshop templates accessible from the app, but the actual design work is left to applications that are excellent at that kind of work. It will also be completely free!" - This will be an extremely handy application for designers and developers. When you create an icon for the iPhone, or Touch, you create a 57x57 pixel image with square corners and try to keep if fairly plain. The iPhone the rounds the corners and applies lighting across the top of the icon. It can be tough for a designer to visualize the final product and it's a pain to build the app and push the icon the iPhone Simulator just to see what the icon will look like.

This is a tool every iPhone developer, and designer, will want as a part of their toolbox.

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Redesigning money

Dollar ReDe$ign Project: "The idea of presidents being on money is also intrinsic in American money, and I don't think that should change. One thing I definitely don't want is the government deciding what cultural figures or movements are the most important or 'American.' Instead, I think the most important politicians should be on money. For the same reason, I put government institutions on the bills, representing each of the branches of government." - I thought these designs were very interesting, I hope you enjoy them too.

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