Fun with Wordle

Go make your own at Wordle, it's fun.


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Scoble, the fanboi

Robert Scoble: "Ahh, it seems so long ago when my son and I waited in line to fork over more than $600 each to buy an iPhone. The image above is from the front page of the San Jose Mercury News (I was cheering to many thousands of people who were waiting to get into the store to buy their iPhones and who had waited for up to 38 hours to do so - my son and I were first in line, which was a lot of fun)." - Robert's right. Stuff like this is fun. Standing in line with your fellow geeks, talking shop, staying up all night, and scoring that new geek toy early. Yeah, I could do that, and I know a couple of guys that would probably stand in line with me.

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Zero Followers, Zero Following


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I'll give you $40

On Edge 559: "On December 30th a post appeared in the art/media/design jobs section of requesting a graphic designer. The poster wanted to hold a contest to design an ad for a 'high end clothing store' and the winner would receive a $40 reward. What ensued were impassioned responses by several readers." - I hate to say it, but it's true, this is what you get in the Fresno area. Thing is, they'll get someone to do it. Hey, maybe Noah Stokes can help you?

Come to think of it Maybe I'll put together my own submission, I'm good with Acorn and Visio.

NOTE OF CAUTION: There's a bit of language in the post, but it is funny.

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Too bad it's a joke

The Onion: "Cowboys officials called Jones Sunday night to inform him he was being cut from the team, ordering the 66-year-old owner to clean out his luxury box and remove his personal belongings from the premises immediately. Jones, who was reportedly stunned to be removed from his ownership duties, issued a statement on his website thanking himself for all his hard work and years of service." - Jerry Jones and Al Davis, two peas in a pod.

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12 Days of Christmas the Jackson Fish way

Jackson Fish Market: "With the holidays coming, we decided to put out a little end-of-year treat for everyone. As of today A Story Before Bed now features the Christmas classic The 12 Days of Christmas. Since we produced this book in our in-house publishing division it only made sense to feature the characters from our Hippo Hooray series - Honey the hippo and Raphael the robin. Once the book started coming together, the next logical step was to launch it for the iPhone as well. So now you can record a video of yourself reading The 12 Days of Christmas on A Story Before Bed just in time for Christmas, and you can purchase The 12 Days of Christmas iPhone app that features all the artwork from the book and a modern instrumental soundtrack to which you can sing-along. The words appear on the page synchronized to the music so you won't forget the lyrics." - Nice work.

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Cartoon Header Graphic

Since I don't a header graphic for December, it's the only one missing from my collection, I thought I'd use John Norton's lovely comic core. He's a happy little dude.

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Uhh, yeah, that sounds about right.

Michael Lopp (a.k.a. Rands In Repose): "It was end game. The time in the project where you pay for every single shortcut you've taken, for every specification you didn't write, and for all the warnings from engineers that you've ignored. All the data is grim. Bug arrival rates are skyrocketing while bug resolution rates are pathetic because, uh, well, engineers are still finishing features." - I think we'll be there again in a few months. Oh, wait, we're ALWAYS there... Go read the article, it's fun.

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New comic strip

George by John Norton - John dropped me a line last night. He discovered this weblog via a friend that was looking for fellow developers from Fresno. I'm amazed more and more each day how small this world really is.

Anywho, now I have a nice new comic strip to visit!

Thanks John!

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Happy Thanksgiving from the Fahrni's

Turkey Rob and Kim.
How 'bout those mad Photoshop skills? Please, don't be jealous.


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D&D, only $10,000.00

Jerry Fahrni: "I spent many hours playing D&D with paper, pencil and physical dice. I remember when I thought hi-tech was writing a small app that would randomly generate characters on my then new Commodore 64." - We used to have all kinds of fun playing D&D! We always made Jay(Jerry) the Dungeon Master, he hated it, but was very good at it. Those were good times, very good times. Pepsi, candy, friends, and lots of D&D. Mom used to have to step over the comatose bodies sprawled about the living room the day after. Anywho, I digress...

Go check out the video, it is VERY cool. Too bad a surface table is not affordable.

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Our Chef Daughter

Haileigh's Chicken Roulade.Hacker Widow: "Our oldest daughter came home this weekend and prepared a WONDERFUL dinner for the family!! I was so excited to see how passionate she was as she created it." - Needless to say we're proud parents. Haileigh is working very hard at Culinary School and it's really paying off. Dinner was fantastic!

Here's what she prepared, my lovely wife didn't say, but she posted great pictures.

  • Chicken Roulade stuffed with Mushroom Duxelle(white wine, shallots, mushrooms, and butter), Asparagus, and Roasted Red Bell Pepper.

  • Lemon Ver Blanc Sauce

  • Cheesy Risotto

  • Fresh Baby Spinach salad with Mozarella, Yellow Bell Peppers, and Mushrooms

  • Banana's Foster for Dessert

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Raiders get first down?

The Onion: "EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - In an improbable display of competence and a basic execution of football fundamentals, the Oakland Raiders stunned the football world Sunday when running back Michael Bush miraculously rushed for three yards against the Giants and succeeded in converting a first down."

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The Ramp Champ Story

The Ramp Champ Icon.Louie Mantia: "In December, we brainstormed ideas for what the different ramps should be and decided who would design them. We laid out plans for a bunch of ramps: a default ramp (which was transformed into Clown Town), the Icon Garden, Breakwater Bay, Space Swarm, Tiki Island, Ninja Attack, and Happy Place. Of course, I'd be lying if I said these didn't go through major revisions (and name changes) over the course of the design phases, but these were the final names based on the ideas we had in December." - The IconFactory is a class act, and I absolutely LOVE stories like this. It's fun to read about the history, and process, of any new product. Ramp Champ is an especially beautiful iPhone game, and I'd imagine one of the first to embrace In App Purchase.

If you want to have some fun the $1.99 price tag is worth the price of admission, especially if you love carnival games.

Get it on iTunes.

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Great Tweets on Celebs

Daniel Jalkut: "Twitter is democratizing my opinion of whether celebrities are idiots or not. Answer: usually, yes." - And, yes, Twitter has hitched their wagon to them, and it's working. Watch TV these days and you'll notice a lot of garbage programming. People seem to eat this crap up.

Daniel Jalkut: "So @Alyssa_Milano balks at Tweetie's $3 upgrade price. So I assume if I ever watched her in a movie theatre, she'd send me the DVD for free." - So much unrest over an upgrade price. Come on people it's $3.00, but you know how I feel about the App Store, it should be called the $0.99 App Store.

Daniel Jalkut: "You can tell which Hollywood stars have decrepit agents. A decent agent would tell a moron star not to act like themself on Twitter."

Daniel Jalkut: "Roman Polanski. Shouldn't there be some consequence for raping a girl and evading the law for 30 years? Celebrities defend, more dumbness." - Celebs, gotta love 'em. They tend to think they're above the law. Mr. Polanski, it's time to face the music.

Yeah, yeah, I know there all from the same person. He was on a roll, and they were too good to pass up.

One piece of advice I gave my children long ago; Don't marry an Actor, a Professional Athlete, or a Rock Star. They're all flakes.

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Now 64-bit Snow Leopard Compatible!

I just wanted to announce this site is fully Snow Leopard 64-bit compatible. Nice Kitty.

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Abby reviews the Pixar Cafe

Abby's Dining Adventures: "A very nice guy named Carlos , an animator, invited us to the Pixar studio for a tour and to review the employee cafe for lunch." - Abby is a 10 year old food critic. Great stuff. Go visit her reviews, this one in particular is pretty sweet. She had the opportunity to visit Pixar's Cafe, how cool is that? I'm over 40 and would love to have that opportunity!

Great review Abby!

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Fresno Area Geeks Unite!

Robert Schultz: "I've been thinking about some ideas to help promote local developers and programmers here in Fresno and getting to know others. One idea I really liked and experienced once was Startup Drinks San Francisco, which was really fun. I was new to the city and I got to meet with lots of developers for some great startups based in the city. So why not here in Fresno?" - This sort of event is definitely needed. Since writing my Fresno, technology black hole post I've discovered a LOT of new Fresno based talent, especially in the web and design areas.

Now, all we need to do, is springboard that into a Visalia Geeks Dinner and Drinks!

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Fake Steve on Chrome OS

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: "As Sarah Palin would say, the engineers at Google are ambitionistic about wanting to progress the world, and gosh, ya know what? That's darn good for everyone." - Note, it's definitely an R-Rated post, but it's very funny.


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Quay Valley A.K.A. Redneck Heaven

Wikipedia: "Quay Valley, also referred to as Quay Valley Ranch, is a proposed planned community consisting of about 12,000 acres (18.75 square miles) in unincorporated Kings County, California, located approximately halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and about two miles (3 km) east of Kettleman City. It is planned to be a new, sustainable, solar-powered, model town of about 150,000 people in which residents will not have to pay an electric bill." - The opening paragraph caught my eye, but it really looks like it's going to be redneck[1] heaven. The first two bullet points are all about cars and what looks to be a NASCAR style track. Man, that would go over huge here in the valley. But those same folks typically don't care about being green in their daily lives, so it's an interesting mix. I figure they put in the green initiatives to get government interest, and more importantly, government funding.

I've always thought it would be interesting to be a part of something like this, planning a new city, and the community around it. When we were back in Virginia a couple of years ago we stayed in Reston with family. Reston is not very old, only 45-years.

From with Wikipedia page:
Reston was conceived as a planned community by Robert E. Simon. Founded on April 20, 1964 (Simon's 50th birthday) and named for his initials, it was the first modern, post-war planned community in America, sparking a revival of the new town concept.
The planners of Quay Valley should definitely take a look at Reston for inspiration, it's a beautiful city.

1 - I'm descended from rednecks, aka okies and arkies, so it takes one to know one.

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Beach Time

We're at Avila Beach for the rest of the week, posting may be very light. I thought I'd leave ya'll with a nice shot of the beach from our room. Enjoy, I know I will.

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Use the force

USA Today: "The Force Trainer (expected to be priced at $90 to $100) comes with a headset that uses brain waves to allow players to manipulate a sphere within a clear 10-inch-tall training tower, analogous to Yoda and Luke Skywalker's abilities in the Star Wars films." - I hadn't heard of this until this morning.

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Third Day

Last night Kim and I caught Third Day, with Brandon Heath, and Revive, at The Warnors Theatre, in Fresno. It was a awesome show! I cannot even begin to tell you what a fantastic live band Third Day is. They're everything you'd expect in a great live band. They even take requests, on the spot; they even did a bit of Free Bird.

If you've listened to Christian Music over the past ten, or so, years you know Third Day and you probably know Brandon Heath, but the big surprise of the night was Revive. They're originally from Australia but packed up and moved to the States a couple of years ago. Great story, fantastic band! CD is locked and loaded into iTunes!

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Get ya gangsta on

The Audio-Visual HomieJoey deVilla: "Looking at a 'Gang Signs' chart, I asked myself 'Why should gangstas have all the fun?'" - This is super funny. At work we had a project with the codename K2. The K2 team had their swagger, all in fun, and created their own gang sign. They even got one of our graphic designers to create them a logo with a gangsta flashing their gang sign. So, I convinced the designer to create one for the Audio-Visual team and we had our own little gang war going on. Complete with tagging of other teams territory. It was fun while it lasted.

Our Recorder team is full of guys that live for Vi, don't ask, and they had their own little gang sign. Basically you make a fist, form the peace sign, that gives you the "V", then extend your pinky finger for the "i", there you have it "Vi."

Geeks, heh.


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Just over a year ago

I was sitting here talking to our oldest daughter, Haileigh, about vacations and we both realized it was a little over a year ago we had our cruise to Mexico. It's hard to believe it's been a year. Mexico was amazing, especially Cabo San Lucas, which was the shortest day of the entire trip.

We hope to go back some day, for at least a week.

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Weird Dream

Duct Tape, fixer of all things!I've been listening to a lot of podcasts lately, Adam Corolla, Core Intuition, and my latest find, Developer Lives. Monday, on the drive into work, I listened to the latest Core Intuition, great discussion guys, and on the way home I grabbed the latest Developer Lives. Both podcasts featured Daniel Jalkut, Daniel is the co-host of Core Intuition, and was the featured developer on Developer Lives. The stage is now set...

In my dream I'm working on my Mac only drawing and diagraming desktop application, think Visio. In the dream I'm doing the thing I like to do above all other development jobs, I'm adding scripting capabilities. Mind you, I'm not coding yet, I'm working through what to expose to the outside, and trying to make a scripting environment/language choice. My two choices were AppleScript and Python, because you can embed it in you application, great example Acorn.

I pick up the phone and call Daniel. We're having a nice discussion about the plusses and minuses of both approaches, and the idea of supporting both, then my wife's alarm clock goes off; it's 5:30AM, my dream of a Mac only, highly extensible, drawing and diagramming engine is just that, a dream.

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Seamus Coremalley says "Have a nice pint of Guinness today!"

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Starbucks Customer Horror Stories

Starbucks Gossip: "Here's the perfect story to start a discussion on Starbucks customer horror stories" - Read the comments, pure gold. Our daughter has never shared a story quite like any of these, maybe that's a good thing.

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Those crazy Russians

Yahoo! News: "MOSCOW - If you're inclined to believe Igor Panarin, and the Kremlin wouldn't mind if you did, then President Barack Obama will order martial law this year, the U.S. will split into six rump-states before 2011, and Russia and China will become the backbones of a new world order." - Obviously this is one of those predictions we all hope never comes true. It is worth reading for a laugh.

I hope the dude doesn't have some sort of time machine and knows something we don't?


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Great shot: Finding Neverland

Yosemite Blog: "So I was looking at this photo again and a thought occurred to me... on a clear day you should be able to see Patterson from the top of Half Dome. Anyone got photos?" - WOW! That top shot of Half Dome is absolutely incredible. Click the link, go on, you won't regret it.

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25 things

I've never been "tagged" for one of these things, thanks Steven. Let's do this like Letterman would do it, in reverse, 25 things is going to be very tough for me.

24. I'm a Christian.
23. I'm the oldest of three.
22. I've loved sports all my life, especially Baseball and Football.
21. As a kid I dreamed of being a professional baseball player.
20. I love going to the movies, but don't get to go nearly enough.
19. My wife says "You're a fount of useless knowledge." She's right.
18. I like lifting weights, the heavier the better. Best bench press to date, 405lbs.
17. I like reading, but I'm as slow as molasses, always have been.
16. Our house is a zoo, we have three dogs and five cats. (Anybody want a purebred Beagle? Seriously.)
15. I have a tattoo, only one, for the time being. It's our family crest.
14. I love traveling, but hate flying, I don't like heights.
13. At age 17 I died, of sudden death, I was in a coma for a month. God is good.
12. I'm 6'3" and weigh in at a stealthy 270lbs.
11. I have a gazillion ideas for software products and zero time to implement them.
10. My first software job was writing agricultural accounting software, in Basic.
09. I had the honor to be a part of a very successful startup, Visio Corporation, formerly Shapeware Corporation, formerly Axon Corporation. I was the 19th employee.
08. My dream job is to work for someone like ILM, or Pixar, or DreamWorks Animation, applying computing to film making.
07. I'm a real Harry Potter freak!
06. I can watch The Lord of the Rings movies, over, and over, and over, and not grow tired of them.
05. I have the floor plan to my dream home, graciously drawn by my oldest daughter.
04. I'd love to have a full movie theatre in my home, complete with snack bar.
03. I love the Central California coast. San Luis Obispo, Cambria, and Morro Bay.
02. I'm hopelessly addicted to Pepsi. I love a great coffee and a great beer on occasion.
01. We have two lovely children, both girls.
00. I've been married to the love of my life for 21 plus years.

I really, really struggled to come up with 25 things. I knew it would be hard, but there you go.

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James Robertson: "Well, these guys are debating the merits of two approaches, and which would be superior. I give you..... The Radio Button" - Sarcasm will get you everywhere, at least with me!


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We've been Elf'ed!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a couple of turkeys.

Enjoy time with your family and friends! Eat too much turkey, have some pie, and watch some football! Ahhhh, I love Thanksgiving!

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Our daughter plays Volleyball for the Exeter Union High School Monarchs. They've recently been crowned the Division III Volleyball Central Section Champions! Congratulations girls! That happened last Thursday, in dramatic fashion. The crushed their opponent in straight sets, 25-4, 25-15, 25-16. The entire time they were on the run through the playoffs, and subsequent title game Bug, our daughter, would send us a simple text message, "Starbucks! Huh? Yes, that was the entire content of the message but we knew what it meant. When the run began she happened to visit Starbucks with Mom a couple of hours before the game. Since then she's been doing the same thing before each game, sending me her "Starbucks!" message and the team has continued to win.

Tonight the girls begin their march to a state title, so a few minutes I received the familiar "Starbucks!" message, let's hope the streak continues. Four more victories and they'll be California Division III State Champions.

Wow, that has a nice ring to it!

Good luck Bug, and good luck Lady Monarchs!

Tonight 7PM, EUHS gym, Exeter vs. Campbell Hall.

Here are some links to local papers covering their Central Section Title Game.

Visalia Times Delta
Porterville Recorder
Fresno Bee
Bakersfield Californian

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I'm a PC

Kim, my lovely wife, surprised me the other night, here's how the conversation went...

Kim: "Rob, you should make one of those 'I'm a PC' videos."
Me: "Yeah?"
Kim: "Yeah, you could say 'I'm a PC and I'm old, tired, and I hurt all over', just like Windows."
Me: Laughing too hard to talk.

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BASIC is back!

MSDN DevLabs: "Small Basic is a project that's aimed at bringing "fun" back to programming. By providing a small and easy to learn programming language in a friendly and inviting development environment, Small Basic makes programming a breeze. Ideal for kids and adults alike, Small Basic helps beginners take the first step into the wonderful world of programming" - BASIC has a special place in my heart. My first professional programming job was writing accounting software in BASIC, Microsoft BASIC 6.0 as a matter of fact, what a great language, it was what's referred to as Street BASIC because it was structured.

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Rob's Seattle Favorites

Pigtograph, in Pike Place Market.So, for all those participating in GTAC, in beautiful Seattle, here are some of my favorites. Steve, you'd better hit a few while you're there. The maps below begin at the W Hotel, which is the conference venue according to the GTAC weblog entry.

For morning coffee you have to visit Monorail Espresso, it's on 5th and Pike, in the side of Banana Republic. Awesome coffee. Please remember, every shot is a double! Map.

We used to eat quite a bit at a joint called Happy Teriyaki. I loved their Teriyaki Chicken and Gyoza, with extra rice. Map.

Down in The Market you can find World Class Chili, awesome chili. Your chili is custom built. Order your size, bean type, meat type, and hotness. I probably miss this the most. Map.

Before Microsoft decided to move the Visio team from Seattle we used to visit Typhoon as often as we could. Map.

If I sat and though for a while I'm sure I could come up with a BUNCH more. Anywho, enjoy.

Oh, if you make it down to The Market, make sure you look for the Pigtograph.

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That's our Bug!

Buggie BlockingVisalia Times Delta: "Exeter's Taylor Fahrni makes a return against Central Valley Christian's Brelle de Groot during a Central Sequoia League volleyball match. Exeter won in five sets." - For a while I thought the girls were going to drop their first game of the year. In fact, they lost their first set in league during this match. Tough game. I'm used to the girls winning in three, but not the final three. Great game girls!

Bug, you look like you're trying to bite your opponent. Smile, life is good!

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Exeter's Fall Festival

If you're in the Exeter area drop by this weekend for Fall Festival. The parade starts at 9AM, I believe, and there's food and fun in the city park all day. It really is a great day for family and friends, and when it's all said and done for the day you can visit the Vossler Farms Corn Maze, in Visalia, for a night cap.

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Vossler Farms Corn Maze

Carved Frankie PumpkinI love this time of year! When October hits it time for the family to take a trip to Vossler Farms Corn Maze. We go every year and since the girls were old enough to wander off on their own we have a Parents vs. Kids competition to see who can get all twelve checkpoints and get out of the maze first. It's so darned fun.

Kim will be taking her teen girls bible study group to the maze next week, that should be super fun.

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Fun with video

Tom Distler: "So, we’ve been developing a slick cross-platform media framework to standardize or products on (proprietry, of course), and I couldn’t resist building an ASCII text renderer." - Tom did a brilliant job with the design of our new media pipeline, but this, well, you'll have to forgive him, he couldn't help himself. Smile, life is good!

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The great pumpkin

Scared "SHARON - Darkness and fog shrouded the ranch houses receding into the inky blackness of this forested suburb. Standing in the damp grass of a field, wearing galoshes, shorts, and a long-sleeved T-shirt, Steve Connolly held aloft a portable work lamp, brilliantly illuminating an otherworldly orange orb that looked as though it had crash-landed in his yard." - Wow, and 1,800 pound pumpkin, move over Linus.

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Can Bill see the future?

Bill Lazar: "(Washington, D.C., 21 Jan 09) Nancy Pelosi (D, California) was sworn in as this nation's first female President by Chief Justice John G. Roberts on the steps of the US Capital building this morning after neither the House nor Senate were able to resolve last November's Electoral College tie between Barack Obama and John McCain." - A fun work of fiction.

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Pet Peeve

I'm catching up on the Google Chrome hype this morning by reading through their comic book introduction, which is very nice by the way, and I ran into one of my biggest development pet peeves, the use of the word Manager to describe something that manages a bunch of other things. Now, in this case, it could be the top level description given by marketing for the feature, then again it's probably used in the code.

I keep teasing folks at work I'm going to start using the new terms for these things because they have as much meaning as the word Manager.

How about...

1) VicePresident
2) Director
3) CEO
4) CTO
5) ExecutiveVicePresident

So in the code you'd find something like...

ProcessVicePresident* pvp = new ProcessVicePresident();
instead of...
ProcessManager* pm = new ProcessManager();
Yes, that'll work.

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Beating security

MAKE Magazing: "Helium filled rubber balloon set to the correct height and covered with enough static electricity to stick to any surface, such as a public camera." - That's pretty funny. I can see our Marketing guys coming up with a requirement to beat this sort of non-sense. We'll have to create a robotic arm with a pin on the end that can be controlled by the security guard monitoring the cameras.

Yeah, that or have the security guard walk outside and remove the balloon. Smile, life is good!


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Yes, it's satire

McClatchy: "Satire is tricky. It makes its point by exaggerating wildly with a straight face. In inflating a thing beyond all common sense or propriety, it seeks to render inconsistencies and hypocrisies glaringly apparent. Satire seeks truth in the ridiculous. For illustration, see any given episode of The Colbert Report." - Obama and his camp need to lighten up. Anyone with half a brain understands he's not what the magazine portrayed. I know, I know, there are actually people that believe he's some scary Muslim extremist "Manchurian Candidate", just waiting to gain office so he can destroy this great country of ours. Those are the same people that believe terrorists lurk around every corner, that the attacks of September 11, 2001, were orchestrated by the United States Government, the landing on the moon was mocked up in some Hollywood backlot, and well, you get the picture.

So, lighten up a bit. If you want to be President of the United States you're going to face much bigger challenges than someone poking fun at you.


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Yes, I'm a bit insane

Tom Distler: "My friend Rob (whom I share an office at work with) made the mistake of sending me the following picture, which I couldn’t resist turning into a motivational poster." - Remember, when you send a goofy photo to your friend, it will most likely wind up on the internet. My personal favorite is "Reality: This guy could be your office mate!"

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Mousekingdom Blog: "Today, 53 years ago, Walt Disney opened his first park “Disneyland“, leaving his heritage to a world of dreamers, fans, and guests from all ages." - Happy Birthday Disneyland!


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It's time for some campaignin!


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Arsy in Rio

Richard Caetano: "The first day I arrived, in true Portugese style, we had a feast. About 20 people showed up. After the meal the living room turned into a music studio with instruments galore. We played all kinds of crazy stuff, bossa novas, sambas, american rock? Later in the night my cousin Terza took me out for drinks." - In general the rest of the world really knows how to live. Here in America we're consumed with our jobs and don't really take time to enjoy life.

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I liked Indy

While we were on vacation we managed to slip out and catch Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I liked it, it'll be a part of our DVD collection when it releases.

So, a big thumbs up, highly recommended.

Something else, we saw a trailer for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. This is another must see, it releases around Christmas this year.

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Too late to comment

Anderson Cooper 360: "Here is the ‘Beat 360°’ pic of the day: Vice President Dick Cheney delivers the main address during U.S. Coast Guard Academy commencement exercises, Wednesday, May 21 in New London, Conn." - My caption would've been "Shhhhh, I'm hunting Terrowists."


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Redneck heaven

The Fan Manual: "Instead, try driving a Ford, drinking Bud-heavy, playing the entire 2007 Coca-Cola 600 via cassette on the radio, eating an entire rack of ribs, sporting a UNC or USC college sticker, throwing the football, and listening to Hank Williams Jr. Also, any provocative signs that you can include at your campsite will only heighten your chances of success in fitting into the redneck realm (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out the banner in the picture below . . . CLASSY). If you can sit in your site by your cooler with the utmost confidence in your proper clothing, then you’re half way there!" - Important tips for surviving a NASCAR event while mullet hunting. Go read the article, it's a classic.

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Vatican buys Palm

Gizmodo: "ROME (Agencies) - The Vatican has bought Palm Inc. in an $800-million cash, stock, and souls deal, a move that analysts are calling a bold bid to reconvert the Catholic Church into the number one mobile operator for communication with God."


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Route 66

Get your kicks on route 66Kim and I have been talking about taking a trip on Route 66, so I thought I'd link to a site dedicated to it.

Historic 66.

Maybe someday we'll be able to give it a go.

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Fun at USA

I built myself at USA's Game Lounge.


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