NBA, Land of Punks and Thugs

ESPN: "NEW YORK -- Washington Wizards teammates Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton drew guns on each other during a Christmas Eve locker room argument over a gambling debt, according to The New York Post." - Hey, if you need a gun to settle a dispute, or defend yourself, you're not much of a man. What every happened to that time when two men would stand toe to toe and slug it out?

Why in the world do these punks continue to get hired, and paid, to play a game? Clearly they're not men, and not deserving.

Boot them out of the NBA, let them get a job at 7-11, or McDonald's and let's see how much they like that. Better yet, put them in jail for a while, cool their jets a bit. Maybe, just maybe, they'll grow up a bit.

Looks like that worked for Michael Vick.

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Interactive Final-Four Bracket

Visio Guy: "Not to miss a diagramming opportunity, Visio Guy is here to help you with your pool with a smart, interactive Final Four bracket!" - Chris comes through again! If you're a Visio user and a hoops fan take advantage of Chris' hard work and setup your bracket. Thanks Chris.

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Nightmare in the Emerald City

ESPN: "The thing is, though, Seattle's sports year isn't even that bad yet as Big Lo lies in the hospital with summer approaching. The Mariners aren't even halfway to becoming the first team to lose 100 games with a payroll of more than $100 million, nor have they fired their first manager of the season, let alone their second. The Washington Huskies have yet to suffer a single one of their historic 12 losses or fire their coach or get called for delay of game on their first play from scrimmage. (Delay of game on your first offensive play of a game -- how is that possible? What, did Kenny G play the national anthem?) The preseason magazines hitting the newsstands are picking the Seahawks to win the NFC West for the fifth straight year, not lose 11 games (and counting) on the way to saying goodbye to their coach, Mike Holmgren. And most importantly, the SuperSonics trial over their lease has yet to begin, so there still is hope they will remain in Seattle rather than move to Oklahoma @$&%ing City." - Maybe 2009 will be better.

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Dominant Thunder!

It would appear a new owner, a move to Oklahoma City, and "better" arena have turned the former Seattle Sonics into champions! Way to go Thunder!

Oh, apparently I misread the W-L columns, at second glance the Thunder stink, they're 1-14!

Way to dismantle a once great franchise Mr. Bennett.

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That's the best you can do?

Seattle PI: "Other finalists for the new team name included: the Men-Possessed, the Hijackers, the Bold-Faced Liars, and my personal favorite -- the OKC Corrupt Circumstances." - Bold-Faced Liars works for me, Thunder is weak, heck, the runner up would've been MUCH better; Outlaws, yeah, that works and it doesn't sound wussy.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Bold-Faced Liars.

The crowd goes crazy.


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Sonics move to Okie-City?

ESPN: "As a result, the SuperSonics are headed to Oklahoma City with Bennett leading the way, leaving behind the team name, colors and 41 years of history." - Bennett had zero intention of keeping the team in Seattle, he just went through the motions. It's a sad, sad, day in Seattle.

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Oklahoma City [insert name here]

ESPN: "Sonics chairman Clay Bennett is so eager to sever ties with Seattle that he's willing to leave the team's name, logo, colors and history behind to avoid a messy divorce." - If this turkey feels he must move the team the least he can do is leave the name behind for the next team in Seattle.

As for the name of the team in Okie City, here's a list of Oklahoma State symbols(linked in the article above), you can also let your minds wander. What do you think of when you hear Oklahoma?

UPDATE: I'd go with Oklahoma City Wild Turkeys. This would allow them to do a marketing deal with Wild Turkey Bourbon; logos on the uniforms, Wild Turkey on the sidelines instead of water or Gatorade, and discounted shots at the game. It could be a huge draw!

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Talk about bad ideas "Seattle - As expected, Sonics owner Clayton Bennett filed papers today with NBA commissioner David Stern to relocate the Sonics to Oklahoma City." - This is sad. Petition for an expansion team, don't move the Sonics. If they are moved they should be required to change their name. The SuperSonics name should stay in Seattle. Besides, it would be nice to choose a super colorful name for the move. I'll let you decide what it should be, please post a comment with your suggestions.

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