Cool NY Job! "We need an Android developer to help us develop the best eReader for Android devices. If you dream of electric sheep we want to hear from you!" - Gee you think that's a job working on the Nook? What a sweet gig, if you're a Java boy.

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Indiana Jones meets Computer Scientist

Hello, Dr. "Digital Antiquity, a national initiative funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, seeks a Technology Director/Lead Software Engineer to lead the technical development of a "start-up" national digital repository for archaeological documents and data. This exciting cyberinfrastructure initiative provides an excellent career opportunity in informatics and software development in the stimulating environment of a major research university." - What a cool opportunity. If I had all the lovely requirements they're looking for I'd apply today. I'd love to be the Indiana Jones of the Computing World.

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Twitter Engineering Weblog

The Twitter Engineering Blog: "Welcome! I'm Ben, and I'm an engineer at Twitter. We've started this blog to show some of the cool things we're creating and tough problems we're solving." - Besides having interesting content I love how clean the design is. Oh, if you're in the market for a job, check out the jobs listed in the right column, they have quite a few, and they're very interesting. If you're into Ruby, Java, Python, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS you may be a nice fit!

Also, check out their photo stream on Flickr, it's nice to be spoiled.

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I'll give you $40

On Edge 559: "On December 30th a post appeared in the art/media/design jobs section of requesting a graphic designer. The poster wanted to hold a contest to design an ad for a 'high end clothing store' and the winner would receive a $40 reward. What ensued were impassioned responses by several readers." - I hate to say it, but it's true, this is what you get in the Fresno area. Thing is, they'll get someone to do it. Hey, maybe Noah Stokes can help you?

Come to think of it Maybe I'll put together my own submission, I'm good with Acorn and Visio.

NOTE OF CAUTION: There's a bit of language in the post, but it is funny.

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Word Soup

Joel on Software: "With 93,000 employees, nobody ever talks to anyone outside the company, so it's no surprise they've become a bizarre borg of 'KT', 'Steve B', 'v-team', 'high WHI', CSI, GM, BG, BMO (bowel movements?) and whatnot." - This leads to one of the things I absolutely hated while I was at Microsoft. They referred to people by their e-mail addresses. E.G. I would be 'robf' to people. It's so impersonal, definitely Borg-like. Go read the job description, I can't make heads or tails of it. It's definitely an internal post.

Side note: I love that Microsoft has CSI's, Crime Scene Investigators.

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Sometimes... It's the small things

Steve Blank: "But the damage had been done. The most talented and senior engineers looked up from their desks and noticed the company was no longer the one they loved. It had changed. And not in a way they were happy with." - Software Engineer's can be a fickle bunch, and yes, sometimes, it's the little things that'll push people out the door. Something as simple as taking away the free soda. Man, could you imagine the potential uproar over something like health insurance changing?

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Life at Google

Don Dodge: "The Google campus is beautiful, funky, and efficient. There are bicycles everywhere for people to use to get between buildings. In some ways it feels like a college campus, but the intensity level is much higher. Most people sit in open cubes with four or more people in a pod. Offices with doors typically have 2 or 3 people in them. People work in groups and there is a real sense of teamwork everywhere you look." - Very different from Microsoft, in so many ways. Some folks thrive in Google environment, some in the Microsoft environment, and there are cases where people cannot make the transition from home to another. It looks like Don is thriving.

And I couldn't agree more with this statement...
I think in the near future there will be docking stations everywhere with a screen and a keyboard.
Don is referring to your phone becoming your primary computer. Think about that for a couple of minutes. When I saw the iPhone for the first time that thought came to mind.

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Great job opportunity

Ned Batchelder: "We need someone who can jump into a project with both feet. If you don't know the technologies needed, you can learn them quickly with a minimum of fuss. Good overall engineering skills are a must, as well as a passion for delivering polished software even in demanding circumstances. We build and maintain outstanding software and experiences, and would like your help to continue to do so." - Ned's an all around good fella, and a great software engineer. The Tabblo team is doing some nifty stuff and if you're looking for a job this could be a great place to land.

The position is on site, but I'm not sure if the Tabblo team is still in Boston or if they've migrated to California? I'm going to guess they're still in Boston.

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Google's Gain

Don Dodge: "Thanks Microsoft, I'm going to Google! Vic Gundotra at Google was the first one to contact me with an opportunity... 90 minutes after the news of the layoff hit. That fast decisive action was refreshing, and such a contrast to the slow, secretive, bureaucracy at Microsoft." - Ahhh, yes, Microsoft is cleaning house. Along with the dead weight they're going to get rid of some good folks. I can assure you, Microsoft does NOT value experience, at least that was my experience. They like hiring young, bright, kids they can run in the ground. Then when you mature and realize you have more important things in your life, like family and friends, and stop putting in 80 hours a week, well, they're done with you. Time to move on, for the better. Microsoft has lost quite a bit of its' former luster. It has grown into the hard to navigate ship, Titanic like. The still produce great stuff, don't get me wrong, but they're no longer the nimble company they used to be.

I'm sure Don will find Google a very different experience.

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What a difference...

John Gruber: "Where was she two years ago? Selling iPods to Oprah and Bono as a manager at Apple's Michigan Avenue store in Chicago." - It's gotta be strange to go from selling iPods to rocks stars to giving away Zune's? I'm just sayin.

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Great Job, if you live in New York : "Fog Creek is looking for top-notch developers with super awesome talent and the burning desire to get things done. We have a very successful core product (FogBugz), and we're coming out with two new products: StackExchange--the engine behind the enormously successful developer site StackOverflow--and another product we'll be revealing in a few months"

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Visalia Technology Companies - The Definitive List

Downtown VisaliaOk, inspired by Robert Schultz recent post, Fresno Technology Companies: The Definitive List, I've decided to do the same for the Visalia area.

The companies DO NOT have to be pure software companies. They can be companies that develop software internally. There's some cool stuff out there that never "ships!" Ask me about my time at The Nut Farm(Paramount Farms.)

So, if you will, please post a comment with the following information.

Name of the Company
What skills they utilize? E.G. C++, C#, ASP.NET, Python, Java, etc.
Are they hiring?

It would be nice to see the Fresno, technology black hole disappear.

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Freelance Development Pitfall

Run faster little hamster!Rob Walling: "My first reaction is that becoming a freelance developer (or starting your own consulting firm) can also be a lot less conducive to launching a product. Instead of being able to justify a somewhat fixed salaried workday, you find yourself working longer and longer hours as client demands increase. In addition, freelance development requires a lot more mental energy than being a salaried employee. Mental energy that can't be spent launching your product." - Just over a year ago I was ready to jump into the freelance world. My plan was to use freelance work to support my Mac development habit. Alas, after talking to a number of people, I heard the same thing over and over and over. One, I wasn't going to charge enough to make it work, two, you're ALWAYS on a treadmill. Either you're working long hours to satisfy client requests or you're out trying to hustle business. Now, I know some folks that are doing quite well. They keep their heads down and have a reputation for delivering, but they do work TONS of hours and it seems like it never ends. That's a huge challenge to overcome.

The best job in software is still the job that allows you to develop a product and "ship" it. It doesn't have to be on a shiny CD/DVD, it just needs to be "packaged" and available for purchase. If your product is decent it affords you the time to actually plan for the next version, put your head down, and deliver it. I like that model.

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Fresno Area Geeks Unite!

Robert Schultz: "I've been thinking about some ideas to help promote local developers and programmers here in Fresno and getting to know others. One idea I really liked and experienced once was Startup Drinks San Francisco, which was really fun. I was new to the city and I got to meet with lots of developers for some great startups based in the city. So why not here in Fresno?" - This sort of event is definitely needed. Since writing my Fresno, technology black hole post I've discovered a LOT of new Fresno based talent, especially in the web and design areas.

Now, all we need to do, is springboard that into a Visalia Geeks Dinner and Drinks!

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Mac Development Job "We are looking for a software engineer who has a passion for creating innovative high quality software using the latest tools and technologies. You must be a self starter who loves solving problems in a logical self-disciplined manner. We are looking for someone who will fit well with our development team and remain courteous and friendly with both staff and customers at all times." - I also love the the following bullet points...

  • Want to work with the latest tools and a 30 inch screen?

  • Want to work for a company where innovation and software development is taken seriously?

  • Want flexible working hours and no silly dress code?

  • Want a career where what you achieve really matters?

  • Are you a clever problem solver with an enthusiastic and positive attitude?

  • Are you a self starter and still able to work in a team?

  • Can you get things done?

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