Gruber on OS's

Ack!John Gruber: "Hardware and software both matter, and Apple's history shows that there's a good argument to be made for developing integrated hardware and software. But if you asked me which matters more, I wouldn't hesitate to say software. All things considered I'd much prefer a PC running Mac OS X to a Mac running Windows." - Very interesting. There was a time, not so long ago, when you could essentially buy a "PC" running Mac OS, but Steve Jobs killed that off when he returned. Much to the benefit of Apple. It is kind of weird to see a Mac die hard make a statement like that.

I'd still like to see the Mac OS X UI and services on top of Microsoft's NT Kernel, which has a bad reputation because of decisions made to support legacy behaviors. Anyway, the NT Kernel is a very good OS Kernel. It would be interesting to see other UI looks on top of it, and yes, that is possible.

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MacWorld: "In the past year, running Mac OS X or Linux as your default OS has been made easier by the capability to run Windows in a virtual machine, giving you access to both Windows-only applications and Web sites that rely on Microsoft's Internet Explorer-only ActiveX technology. But in a business environment, switching to a Mac or Linux PC may not be quite as easy." - I've been running exclusively on a Mac for quite a while now. I use VMWare as my Windows development environment host and it's mostly worked for me. I'm sold on Mac now. It would be so hard to go back to a PC with Windows as a daily driver, but I supposed I could do it. I work with Linux as well but I'm not a very proficient Linux guy, that's ok, we have Linux gear heads all over the place. But I digress.

For me the choice is now clear, it's Mac.

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Yawn, Linux on the iPhone

Macenstein: "Iíve never been a fan of how user-friendly the iPhoneís OS is. Sure, itís OK, but itís always bothered me that I did not need a USB client, computer and keyboard hooked to it to display a text-navigated kernel, and instead I was forced to use that beautiful graphical interface and intuitive touch screen to navigate my visually stunning and well-designed apps and games." - Once again we have a case of "Pig on Lipstick." While I don't see the lure a lot of geeks do, they do it simply because they can, not because it's useful. Let them play. It's not a real solution and I doubt it ever will be, like most Linux releases it for the geeks, not for real people.

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Blockbuster movie machine

digg: "The Blockbuster version of the 2Wire MediaPoint digital media player is used to download videos from Blockbuster OnDemand via broadband, says Blockbuster." - I only posted this because of the comments, take a gander. Linux posts have finally grown tiring. I love the all caps "OH MY GOD A COMPUTER RUNS LINUX???" Of course you also have the zealot with "Where is the source code?"

I had to check out the device because they actually interest me, but I don't care what it runs on, as long as it works. It could run DOS for all I care if I can get video on demand.

We still have to try out the new Netflix/XBox on demand service, it may fill the need.

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Yeah, right

CNet | The Open Road: "Columnist John Dvorak thinks that Adobe Systems has a Microsoft problem and that Linux provides a clear solution:" - This has already been done for Adobe, it's called Mac OS X. Now, the one cool thing about this idea is simple. If Adobe developed their own Linux OS we'd finally get a real end-user version of Linux. Do they need it, no, would it make for interesting choice, yes.

If they did it I'd toss out KDE and Gnome, and start from scratch, freshly grown shell from the ground up. Keep the kernel and all the nifty hidden stuff. Add real developer tools, Xcode is a tremendous IDE that makes use of the open source toolchain, gcc and gdb.

Linux doesn't have to be for the hacker only. I work with a few guys, hi Tony and Stuart, that make Linux sing, but 99% of the population don't care to hop into BASH and type arcane commands to get what they want. They want to point and click.

With the proper focus, and a world class company like Adobe, they could make it happen. Problem is, it doesn't really make sense for Adobe. They're all about their applications running across OS'es and making money, not creating the OS.

It would sure be fun to work on! But, it doesn't really make sense.

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What a nut

Uncle SamBBC: "Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, and the rest, offer you software that gives them power over you. A change in executives or companies is not important. What we need to change is this system." - This guy is a complete nut job. He wants to trade paid software for free, why can't we have both? There's nothing wrong with someone making a living writing software and there's nothing wrong with giving your software away. You choose, but quit banging the drum for everything to be free. There's a price to pay for free software as well. I can't hack up Linux and sell it without making those changes available to everyone, right? Where's the freedom in that? It forces me to give away the changes that make my system better. That's not freedom, it's a dictatorship. I'm not against free software, I do, however, have a problem with people telling me what I can and can't do.

If Open Source software were truly open I'd be able to distribute it in whatever form I see fit. I know there are licenses that allow this sort of distribution, but Stallman's idea of open isn't one of them.

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Job of the week "The explosive growth of Pelco and the Imaging Systems division in particular has led to needs for a software developer who is passionate about solving complex problems, in particular the design and development of embedded Linux kernel and driver software for high performance DSPs. We need great developers to join our world-class team!" - We're hiring, come on in, the water's fine.

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Reiser found guilty of murder [via NerdyNews]: "Reiser, known in programming circles as creator of the ReiserFS computer file system, testified for several days in the six-month trial, often giving rambling answers and getting scolded by the judge for arguing with the prosecutor." - I remember reading about this in Wired during a trip to Seattle last June. It's very sad and tragic.

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Good quote

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

Walt Disney


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Milestone reached

CNN: "BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Four U.S. soldiers died Sunday night in a roadside bombing in Iraq, military officials reported, bringing the American toll in the 5-year-old war to 4,000 deaths." - Not that it's a good milestone.

Mosaic on Huffington Post.


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Mac running Windows

The Unofficial Apple Weblog: "Actually, let's not do this. Let's realize that Microsoft is a company and Apple is a company, and while yes, in some fields they are competitors, let's just put the whole Apple vs. PC idea to bed. Guess what: a Mac actually is a PC. It's a very, very well-made PC (in fact, the best made, in this blog's humble opinion)." - Yes, the Macintosh is a great Windows box. Just check out the hardware, who wouldn't want that kind of power behind Windows? And, yes, I'm fairly certain the Linux crowd would be happy with a Mac as well, but I wouldn't want to do that to my Mac, it would be like putting a pig on lipstick. You read that right "Putting a pig(Linux) on lipstick(Mac)."

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On Google Android

Stefano Mazzocchi: "Dalvik is a virtual machine, just like Java's or .NET's.. but it's Google's own and they're making it open source without having to ask permission to anyone..." - That's one way to skin a cat. Basically it looks like the Android folks wrote their own VM based on the Java language. Interesting choice(ick.)

I find it very interesting how folks view Android. I've heard great and wonderful praise, I've heard folks poo-poo it as a platform. Me, I don't care about it one iota. If I were going to make a run at developing phone based apps I'd shoot for the iPhone. Now, in my day job it might be interesting to pursue an android device as a video viewing device. Hmmmm....

UPDATE: I think OpenMoko is a better choice than Android.

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There be dragons here

InteropNews: "Why does Red Hat tolerate CentOS? The Community ENTerprise Operating System is an identical binary clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (minus the trademarks), compiled from the source code RPMs that Red Hat conveniently provides on its FTP site. It is also completely free, as in beer" - Tolerate? They have to tolerate the CentOS folks because they decided to create a business on an open source operating system. Thus, they have to release their version of the source code to the community. Right?

Now, if you're a Google and everything you use is on the inside you can keep it close to your chest and not release changes back to the community. You get a competitive advantage. Open Source is nice in that way, but to build an entire business model around selling code and services people can get for free is a tough sell.

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I couldn't agree more Chris

Chris Pirillo: "Iím still not so sure Iíd recommend the OS (or any Linux distribution) to anybody who considers themselves less than an ďaverageĒ user. OS X has geeky underpinnings (in UNIX), but Apple has rightfully gone to great lengths to hide inadvertent access that power.

For Ubuntu to succeed in widespread adoption, it must gain wider hardware support and become a lot lessÖ Linuxy. ;)"
- Ties nicely into what I said yesterday. It looks like he said it a day before I did, but you get what I mean.

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Linux for my parents?

A cute little monkey.Foogazi: "The most obvious and important reason your parents should run Linux is the security the Linux operating system provides." - I don't think so folks. The most obvious choice is Macintosh, period. If your parents already have a Windows box and $600.00 they can score a Mac mini and hook it up to their existing monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Apple pays very close attention to the user experience, everything just works. When we bought our daughter a Mac laptop she popped it open and started working day one, without Dad's help. The only reason I knew it had arrived is she called for the wireless password. I've provided ZERO technical support in a year-and-a-half. Try that with a Linux box.

The open source camp should take a close look at the Macintosh user experience and clone that instead of the Windows experience. If people want Linux to be adopted by mom and pop it's going to have to work WITHOUT configuration when the box is started, no matter what the environment. That has been my experience with Mac.

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Ubuntu on the Mac

Sven Andersson: "It seems to me that Parallels has concentrated on getting the Windows application to run smoothly and left us Linux users out in the cold. What to do? Let's try VMware Fusion instead." - Excellent tutorial for those of you, like me, using VMWare Fusion and installing Ubuntu.

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