What's a Pixel Qi?

Jerry Fahrni: "The Pixel Qi screen offers the quick refresh of an LCD screen with the low power consumption and direct sunlight readability of e-ink. I'm excited about the Pixel Qi technology and have been waiting for their screens to appear in consumer devices for quite some time. In fact, I'm holding off my purchase of a Kindle DX until I see a Pixel Qi screen for myself. I'm just not a fan of reading PDF files on a backlit LCD display, and reading them on a Nook or Kindle isn't a great experience either." - Pharmacist by day, super geek by night, my brother ladies and gentlemen. Jay is the ultimate gadget man and does a lot of research into mobile devices because he absolutely loves them. This particular technology has been on his radar for the better part of a year and it's finally hitting the streets.

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Uses for a tablet

Scobleizer: "Tablets make a HUGE amount of sense in healthcare. Remember Epocrates, the iPhone app that Steve Jobs' own health team helped influence? Now imagine they came out on stage and showed off their new version which has much better integration with your entire health chart." - My brother has been touting tablets and handhelds for use if healthcare for YEARS. I think Jay (that's what the family calls him) is in the wrong field. At heart he's a Software Engineer, or at least a Program Manager. He has great ideas with regards to solving problems in healthcare with technology, especially as it applies to the Pharmacist in a clinical setting. He really needs to get a job with someone like Apple, Google, or Microsoft. He has a lot to offer guys, and the healthcare market is still wide open. I'm sure his brain is spinning on uses for the iPad.

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Apple to acquire LaLa?

Wired: "This Lala acquisition could also help iTunes increase its revenue-per-user. Steve Jobs admitted in 2007 that the average iTunes user had only bought an average of 22 songs. By contrast, Lala CEO Bill Nguyen told us in October that its paying customers spend an average of $67 on Lala music, which is available both as 10-cent streams and normally-priced downloads (buying a stream is a down payment on the download)."

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Android Review

Jerry Fahrni: "Overall the Droid is a great device. It is very powerful and flexible for people who need to feel like power users. Can the phone be used by the casual user? Of course, but it also offers the flexibility to go beyond that for those of us that like to play. I have about three weeks left on the trial period for my Droid and I plan on putting it through its paces during that time. At this moment the phone is definitely a keeper, but I have my eye on the HTC ERIS as well." - I have a lot of respect for my brothers opinion, and since he's a mobile freak, I take him at his word. He likes the Droid, it's probably a pretty decent phone.

As for me and my money, we shall go with an iPhone.

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Droidie: "Some people have asked if I like the Droid because I don't like the iPhone, and yes - that's true too. My early enthusiasm for the iPhone was dampened by the fact that it didn't achieve what I felt was its basic promise, that it would be a Mac but in a small form factor. I wanted my Mac software to run in this environment. The iPhone did not even try to do this." - Dave, the Droid won't help in this matter. It's my understanding Droid is all Java based. You'd have had better luck porting your existing OPML Editor to the iPhone, at least there you can write plain C code, yes I know the UI is Cocoa, but underneath you can still write code in C. There are so many modern weblogging systems today that have great support on Mac and the iPhone why not take the plunge and move forward? WordPress is a great example. You can use the web UI, which is fantastic, you can use a desktop tool like Red Sweater's MarsEdit on the client side, and use WordPress for iPhone to get mobile weblogging.

Just a thought.

BTW - How many Droid applications do you think you'll write? Apparently it's free to grab the SDK and write apps. Will we see the OPML Editor rewritten in Java? That would certainly make it extremely useful on many platforms, not just Windows, Mac, or Droid.

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A Droid Review

Chris Brogan: "I've been using AT&T for over a year now, and switching back to Verizon was a breath of fresh air. The web browsing is markedly faster on the Verizon 3G network. Calls stayed up on the three times I made a longer call while driving. In short, it just worked. iPhone fanboys, you have to admit that's a weakness." - Apple, please, please, get your phones out from under the crap network that is AT&T. My brother just went out and bought a Droid out of his allegiance to the Verizon network. Hey, if you can't have the best phone, the second best is good enough when the phone actually works like a phone.

I'd considered a Palm Pre a little over a month ago mainly due to the great pricing; $70.00 unlimited text, voice, and data, and a nice clear network, but I just couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger because the iPhone is just that good. I'm not at a point where I'm willing to pay full price for an iPhone, even $299.00 for a 3G is too much for my tastes, but I'm getting closer every day. When I can get one for $99.00 I'm in.

Now, having said that, if we decided to switch to Verizon for the great network I'll definitely go Droid, unless the iPhone is there, then it's a no brainer. iPhone wins in my book, but sometimes #2 is just good enough. Think Mac vs. Windows. I'd rather use a Mac every day, but I can make due with a Windows box, even though I'd rather not. Then again, who knows, maybe Droid can become the best phone on the market? Only time will tell, and Apple being tethered to the AT&T ball-and-chain is not helping matters.

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