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Daily Reveille > Opinion : "One speaker at a town hall meeting last July voiced their frustration with the government's meddling in, well, government-created programs. 'Keep your government hands off my Medicare,' the man demanded."

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Yes, I've seen this too

Paul Krugman [NY Times]: "The point is that whatever is driving all this doesn't have anything to do with the realities of what I, or, much more important of course, Obama say or do. Obama could have come in proposing to pursue an agenda identical to Bush, and he would still be a socialist/Commie/fascist, with those of us who don't see it that way lying Nazis ourselves." - People are angry. I don't understand why, but they are. I keep hearing terms like Communist, and Nazi. Very strange, where did it originate? It is of course a certain group of people spreading this hatred, you know who you are. I'm a moderate; a socially conservative, liberal minded, Democrat. Yeah, strange mix, right? I don't mind our government helping people, but I don't agree with everything that's been done by President Obama and the administration. That's OK, it's the American way, I guess I don't get the pure hatred and the attacking nature of the debate. Hey, if we were a communist nation, run my Nazi's, do you think the mess we're seeing at town hall meetings WOULD BE ALLOWED? Course not, thank our founding fathers, be thankful for your freedom to express your opinion, be thankful you can rant and rave, this is very American.

Relax, take a deep breath, think about what's happening that really drives you to the brink of violence, and be honest with people about what that is. With some it'll be the bottom line; hey I didn't like the bailout of GMC and Chrysler, or the mortgage mess, and I also don't agree with the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on our current wars, but I digress. Some people, and again, you know who you are, don't like having a black president. It's plain old racism, trust me, I've seen that first hand in our little town.

UPDATE: To be clear, thanks James, I don't think everybody disagreeing with President Obama is a racist. I'm sorry if it came across that way. It's far from the truth, or factual, I'm referring to personal experience toward the end of the post. We, as a people, just don't agree on everything. I'm OK with that, I just wish we could do it in a civil manner, that's all.

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Not that it was wrong

CNN: "Sherri Goforth, an administrative assistant to state Sen. Diane Black, R-Gallatin, has admitted she sent the e-mail May 28 with the title 'Historical Keepsake Photo.' She said, without elaborating, that she mistakenly sent it 'to the wrong list of people.'" - Notice she's not sorry she sent it, she's sorry she sent it to the wrong distribution list.

Class act.

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But, we're Americans?

Think Progress: "Now, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is hitting back at the blogs:" - Bloggers are the people he represents, Americans. Frustration makes people say strange things doesn't it. This has been going on since the formation of our union, what's the difference? Now it's easier to be heard. An open, public, forum called the internet.


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No job for you!

Crooks and Liars: "In the status update section of his Facebook page, Burnette posted, 'All the hunters gather up, we have a (slur) in the White House,' in reference to Obama’s becoming the first African-American elected to the presidency." - Well, Mr. Burnette should definitely not apply for a job with the new administration since they're looking at your Facebook page for things that may embarrass the President, a remark like that could do it.

We still have a long way to go, don't we?

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Hate at Lockergnome?

Lockergnome: "I have prepared an alternative statement that David Cameron, leader of the British opposition, should release immediately to the rest of the free world:" - Read the comments. People are blowing this way out of proportion. We'll be just fine folks. Breath in, breath out, repeat.

I never expected Lockergnome to be the home to a racist.

UPDATE: As a reader pointed out. The hateful part wasn't in the body of the post, it was in the comments below. My brain managed to meld the two into one.

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More lies about Obama

So today I get one of those e-mail chain letters saying that Obama explained why he didn't salute the flag on a particular occasion, and it's such crap, but kind of entertaining at the same time. I especially love this bit.

"It should be swapped for something less parochial and less
bellicose. I like the song 'I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing.' If
that were our anthem, then I might salute it'"

Of course it's not true.

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Can Bill see the future?

Bill Lazar: "(Washington, D.C., 21 Jan 09) Nancy Pelosi (D, California) was sworn in as this nation's first female President by Chief Justice John G. Roberts on the steps of the US Capital building this morning after neither the House nor Senate were able to resolve last November's Electoral College tie between Barack Obama and John McCain." - A fun work of fiction.

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Otherize Obama

NY Times [hat tip Steve Mitchell]: "In conservative Christian circles and on Christian radio stations, there are even widespread theories that Mr. Obama just may be the Antichrist. Seriously." - Thanks for the link Steve.


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As a matter of fact...

In a recent conversation with someone I'm very close to I was read the riot act because I'm going to vote for Barack Obama. Why? The reasons given were the typical false statements I've become accustomed to.

1) He's a Muslim, sworn in on the Quran.
2) He wasn't born in America

Number one is not true, Obama has shared time and again he's a Christian, and NO he wasn't sworn in on the Quran.

Item number two is not true. He was born in Hawaii in 1961. He is, and was born, American.

This person also believes if Obama is elected he will somehow turn America into a communist nation and will be assassinated because he's a black man.

In the end I don't care who you vote for, just get out and vote based on fact, not fiction.

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