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The little guy

MSNBC: "One of the highest-rated Xbox 360 games of all times isn't some shooting game from some fancy-pants company that makes games by dipping programming code in giant vats filled with hundred dollar bills. And it’s not some action game that tap dances across your TV screen showing off its high-def graphics like some supermodel showing off her expensive new dress." - Maybe, just maybe, this little gem of a game can get my wife to stop playing Call of Duty for a while? Yeah, right! But seriously, this game is something us "old-timers" can appreciate. It reminds me of original Nintendo games, or old arcade games, and for $15.00 it's definitely worth a look.

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XBox Live Abuse

Tonight I decided to play a couple games of Call of Duty, I'd had a long day, and wanted to do something that didn't require a lot of thought. We played one game, I was having a good time, then we were hooked up with a group of less than stellar human beings. The verbal attacks were childish, and quite frankly infuriated me. I had to quit.

Thing is, I don't think these guys would do this in person. They're so darned cowardly. In person if they did something like that I'd just kick the poo out of them and move on. Please, have the common courtesy to keep crude comments to yourself.

Does anyone know of a public list of XBox Live gamers to avoid? How about a way of getting their real names? Any information would be appreciated.

I've already reported them, I have their gamer tags, and a couple of voice messages from them, for some reason I couldn't play them, but I wil, and I'd like to see their XBox Live accounts suspended, and the individuals banned.

I have a feeling Microsoft doesn't have the guts, or the desire, to do that.

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Wii WOW!

James Robertson: "That's a ton of consoles. The other thing you have to keep inmind is this: while MS and Sony lose money on each console sale (and hope to make it up in software), Nintendo profits on each Wii. Oh, and all the speculation about how people buy a Wii, and then only play Wii Sports?" - Wow, go read this. I'm going to guess we'll see Sony and Microsoft releasing similarly priced consoles, or not producing a next gen console. I don't know much about Sony but Microsoft has, in the past at least, had the courage to scrap projects that didn't make money. Nintendo, the little company that everyone had written off, is making out like bandits!

There are other things to consider. Nintendo creates fun games with great characters. We still have our Nintendo 64 for one game, Mario Kart. Yes, it's that much fun. Something else to consider. We recently experienced the Red Ring of Death on our 360 console. Of course that prompted me to look around for solutions to the problem and read all kinds of horror stories. I've seen accounts of up to six, yes six, returns for a single person. That is a nightmare for Microsoft.

I'm hoping our repaired box will hold up for years to come, we'll see.

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XBox garage games

Wired: "Microsoft said that hobbyist gamemakers would be able to price their creations between 200 and 800 Microsoft Points, from $2.50 to $10. Of that, Satchell said that the creators would receive "up to" 70 percent of the revenue." - I think this is a great idea, an idea that sounds familiar, but great none-the-less.

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Then again... "Los Angeles—An exciting new home theater experience is coming to living rooms this holiday season. At E3, Microsoft and Netflix, the world's largest online movie rental service, today unveiled an exclusive partnership to offer the ability to instantly stream movies and TV episodes from Netflix to your television via Xbox 360®." - This deal is a win for Microsoft. I'd been considering an Apple TV box, but now, well let's just say we'll put that idea on hold and see how the 360/Netflix deal works out.

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Yes, our lovely XBox-360 has started acting up, we got the dreaded Red Ring of Death. Last night Kim was off killing folks in Call of Duty and the box would hang about every five to ten minutes, requiring a reboot, which makes for terrible game play. It's kind of frustrating it happened over the summer, when the kids and Kim are out of school, it's prime gaming time!

Oh well, the repair center was very polite. We're going to ship off the box as soon as possible so we should get it back just in time for a week of play before school starts again.

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XBox Live with Steven

Well I finally did it. We got XBox Live. It's been a very long time coming, but boy was it worth the wait. Kim, Taylor, and I were able to spend some quality time last night with Steven, and a bunch of his friends, tearing each other up in Halo 3.

Hopefully I'll be able to do this at least once a week. We had a great time.


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Got'sta get me one of those

Team Fortress 2 is on my must have list.

Check out the videos, starting with a guy near and dear to my heart, The Engineer.


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Hitting the nail on the head

James Robertson: "I'm a casual gamer who loves the Wii. I'll ooh and ahh at the graphics on the 360 - but I can't justify the purchase based on how much I play. The Wii - whole different story there :)" - James nails it. Who can justify the price tag if you're not a hardcore, gotta have the killer graphics, gamer? We own a 360 but we play our Classic XBox more than we play the 360. Why? We still love playing the original Halo and connecting two, or more, systems together and playing team slayer. The sad thing is I can't find replacement XBox controllers, no third party controllers because everyone I've used stinks.

I can see a Wii in our future. I think everybody I work with has opted for the Wii. Most of them say the same thing, "Nintendo has great characters, great story lines, and great gameplay, it's not so much about the killer graphics."


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BioShock, oh my

Note to self, you need to pickup BioShock when it releases...

That is all.

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Halo III "A HERO MUST RISE. BELIEVE. 9.25.07" - Ahem, Jerry my dear brother, you'd better get to work on acquiring a 360.

You guys had better support system link. It would be ridiculous to have to use Live to play with multiple people in the same house. Yes, we still do that, quite often. In fact we still play Classic Halo because nobody likes Halo 2 as much as the original. There's something to be said for small maps. Yes, I'll still buy a copy, but it would be nice if it worked like we expect it to.


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