Love for XCode

Fiery Robot!: "I think the true turning point started at around Xcode 3.0. Xcode is now quite simply the best IDE I've ever used. Most all of my complaints have been solved over time, and admittedly I've figured out a few things along the way that made me finally get how it all works. I thought I'd point out a few of the things that made me realize that Xcode rocks. If you're an Xcode aficionado, I'm sure you'll already know these." - The XCode team proves time and again you can create an excellent IDE on top of a UNIX underpinning. Something the Linux guys still haven't quite figured out, mind you they're getting better, but they're still stuck in 1970.

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XCode tip-o-the-day

I've lived in Visual Studio since before it was a 1.0 product, yes, that's a very long time. Since coming to the Mac I've been spending more and more time inside XCode, very nice IDE by the way. The only downside is my fingers are trained to do Visual Studio keyboard shortcuts.

Well today one such key combination actually paid off.

If you do Alt+Shift+Mouse Down+Drag XCode column selects! Two thumbs way up guys! I don't know about you but I use that feature all the time!

Thanks XCode, you just saved me a bunch of time.

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Question for Mac developers

So, is there any way to make XCode not default to K&R style bracing. It's just plain ugly, and quite honestly, I can't believe people still use it. When I got my first professional C job way back we didn't use it then, but it seems to have holdouts in the hacker world, namely the Unix style derivatives.

Anywho, I digress, is there a way to make the braces lineup by default? Thanks!

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