Resume of Robert R. Fahrni

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Apple Core Labs, LLC - Exeter, CA
May 2008-Present

Founded Apple Core Labs to explore development on the Macintosh and iPhone platforms. Released RxCalc for the iPhone July, 2009.

Pelco - Clovis, CA
March 2005-Present

Senior Software Engineer
Led the integration of our media framework into our viewing product line; The Windows based WS5000, and Linux based VCD5000, and NET5301R(Standalone Decoder).

Lead Software Engineer
Lead for a small group of developers focused on Encoding and Decoding of audio and video streams for Pelco's Endura line of security products. Our primary development platform is Linux, with decoding components running on Windows and Linux. Led the development of a Qt based GUI for our embedded monitoring devices, the VCD5000; enterprise level decoder with one to four decoder cards(16 video streams for each card) capable of controlling large scale security monitor walls and the DVR5100; all-in-one video recorder and monitoring. Both the VCD5000 and the DVR5100 are Linux based devices. The DVR5100 device comes in three flavors, four, eight, or 16 encoders with one decoder capable of displaying 16 video streams.

Paramount Farms - Lost Hills, CA.
September 2003-November 2004

Software Developer
Designed and developed managed .NET(C#) and "traditional" API(C++) layers to an OPC, OLE for Process Controls, component used to communicate with PLC's, Programmable Logic Controllers. Currently developing a web portal using C#, ASP.Net, SQL Server, and Industrial SQL to collect real-time data and present that data in graphical and statistical form. The portal's intent is to allow management to better understand production line output and adjust staffing and scheduling accordingly. Developed hand held application for the Palm OS used for tracking rodent trap and bait stations. The application includes scanner support for barcodes, also developed a desktop conduit to synchronize handheld with desktop database. The Palm application was developed in C and the conduit in C++.

Microsoft Corporation - Seattle, WA. (formerly Visio Corporation)
May 1996-September 2003

Software Design Engineer
Responsible for product programmability and extensibility. Currently working on Visio's Macro Recorder and OLE Automation Interfaces. Developed a formula tracing feature which shows developers Visio ShapeSheet cell dependencies and allows you to navigate those dependencies.

Designed and developed the framework and interfaces used for the Visio Find Shape feature as well as various parts of the feature for Visio 2002 release. This included UI work, design and development of a COM based component to load and manage internally developed Shape Providers; as well as third party providers, developed FTP download functionality, and our download file format.

Developer Support
Provide guidance and sample source code, in Visual Basic and C++, to developers extending Visio through its’ OLE automation model. Developed event notification sample for the book “Developing Visio Solutions”. Designed and developed the document linking features and dynamic user interface changes for the Visio Business Modeler(VBM) version 2.0. Added property sheet(tabbed dialog) management to the Visio dialog manager. VBM features, dialog, and property sheet classes were all developed in C++.

Curo Corporation - Bellevue, WA.
June 1995-May 1996

Software Engineer
Maintained source code and builds for Curo Document Management system. This includes creating and maintaining makefiles and scripts(batch files, bourne shell, and “C” shell scripts). Also responsible for integration of new source changes from outside developers into existing source. Developed configuration utility for Curo Document Manager in C++, Windows only. Began work on a cross-platform user interface class library. Platforms include Windows NT, SunOS, HPUX, and Macintosh.

Health Systems Technologies - Seattle, WA.
January 1995-June 1995

Software Design Engineer/Test
Developed an OLE 2.0 Automation test harness for the HST Managed Care Transaction Server and Client software. The harness was developed in C++ using Microsoft Foundation Classes and Visual C++ 2.0. The harness and tests run on 16-bit Windows 3.1, Windows NT for x86 processors, and Windows NT for DEC Alpha processors.

Visio Corporation - Seattle, WA.
April 1992-November 1994

Configuration Engineer
Developed a C/Windows SDK based Setup for various Visio products including Visio’s Drag and Drop Drawing program-Visio. Helped in the development of an Inventory Add-on to Visio. Experience writing automation add-ons to Visio. Worked closely with Program Managers, Testing, and Product development to guarantee a quality and timely release of product. This included nightly testing releases, beta, and final production release of Visio products. Also maintained servers for Testing and Shapes Development.


Microsoft Windows, Windows NT(3.1 ? 2003), Windows for Workgroups, Microsoft Windows(Win32) SDK, C, C++, C#, .NET Framework, Microsoft SQL Server, MS-DOS, Visual BASIC, Source Depot, TLIB, Microsoft SourceSafe, Vault, CVS, and ClearCase version control. Experience using many utilities and applications, NOVELL, UNIX(SunOS, HPUX), and Macintosh.


Technical Editor: Professional Development with Visio 2000 by David Edson.
Sams publishing 2000.


Available on request.