Saturday Morning Coffee

Good morning from Charlottesville, Virginia! ☕️

Espresso ShotIt’s been a pretty quiet week in the Fahrni household and at work. I’d say we’re in a steady state at both. Of course it won’t stay that way for long so I’m gonna enjoy it while I can.

Our granddaughter is with us this weekend so let’s see how much writing I’ll get done. 😁

I’ve saved so many interesting links this week. I hope you enjoy them.

Caleb Newton • Bipartisan Report

J. Michael Luttig, a widely consulted former federal judge, is among those harshly condemning the recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court to give presidents a layer of legal immunity, meaning protection from prosecution, for certain actions taken in office.

Our Supreme Court has done democracy a big disservice. The immunity they’ve granted Presidents basically gives them carte blanche to commit crimes as part of holding the office.

They’re evil idiots.

Jason Koebler • 404 Media

The real Christina Warren hasn’t been writing these new posts on the zombie TUAW, however. The site’s new owners have stolen her identity, replaced her photo with an AI-generated one, and have been publishing what appear to be AI-generated articles under her byline.

Here’s someone using “AI” in an unethical way. Taking someone else’s work, running it through an LLM to change it, and republishing it under the authors name — with a different author picture — is disgusting.

Victoria Namkung • The Guardian

Whenever Cassie Yoshikawa drives through the Central Valley on the former US Highway 99, she looks for the century-old landmark that symbolizes the midpoint of California: the Palm and the Pine.

You’d think being a lifelong Californian I’d have known about this. I recall passing them but I had no idea they represented the center of California. They’re an official unofficial marker. Folks just did it. Pretty nifty.

Of course they’re going to be ripped out for highway expansion. Goodness knows we need more cars on the road.

Noor Al-Sibai • Futurism

Elon Musk is a man with many brands — but for electric vehicle shoppers, his personal brand has become increasingly toxic.

That’s right, folks are not buying Teslas because Space Karen is such a dick.

I’ve given up on The Musk Files. The man is just so toxic and disgusting his crimes against humanity are too many to enumerate.

Janko Roettgers • Lowpass

This is it for Redbox: The judge overseeing the bankruptcy case of Redbox’s corporate parent Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment granted the debtors request to convert it from a Chapter 11 bankruptcy to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, effectively paving the way for shutting down the company and liquidating its assets.

Wow. BluRay and DVD renters are out of luck it seems. Before streaming became ubiquitous we’d rent from Redbox about once a week. We had one at our local grocery store. It was easy and cheap.

There’s a bit of irony in this whole thing. I’ve gone back purchasing BluRay + digital download movies. We use the digital version all the time but have that BluRay backup should the license for the digital copy be revoked.

Dalia Faheid, Monica Garrett and Brandon Miller • CNN

Death Valley sets a new daily record with a searing 128 degrees as West Coast heat wave drags on

Poor California, poor planet. If this keeps up how long will it be before California can no longer produce the fruits and vegetables that feed the world? That’s not hyperbole. California’s San Joaquin Valley really is the breadbasket of the world.

Patrick Wyatt • Code of Honor

I’ve been writing about the early development of Warcraft, but a recent blog post I read prompted me to start scribbling furiously, and the result is this three-part, twenty-plus page article about the development of StarCraft, along with my thoughts about writing more reliable game code.

Don’t look at the date this article was published. Yes, it’s from 2012. 😄

You know I love a good discussion about code architecture, especially when presented in the form of an actual product. Not just some sample code to illustrate the point. He links off to another post discussing a linked list implementation and it’s great reading.

Chris Medland • racer

Lewis Hamilton’s victory in his last British Grand Prix for Mercedes is “like a little fairytale,” according to team principal Toto Wolff.

It’s really nice to see Lewis Hamilton pick up a win in his final season the Mercedes.

Manton Reece

Everyone who has implemented ActivityPub from scratch knows that there are implementation-specific quirks that trip up developers, making compatibility between apps more difficult. Some of these issues are being clarified by the Social Web Community Group. Test suites will help too. has had ActivityPub support for years and we’re still finding edge cases.

So many folks are climbing on the ActivityPub bandwagon and that’s a good thing. Providing more integration with other services and allowing those to be displayed in native clients without changing formats is wonderful.

As much as I’d like to finish writing, my granddaughter is up so I’m gonna hit the publish button now and hang out with her. 😃

Steven Beschloss

The dangerously self-important Roberts insisted that the country is “in the process of the second American Revolution” and further noted that this so-called revolution “will remain bloodless if the left allows it to be.”

Tom Warren • The Verge

Microsoft is finally rolling out spellcheck and autocorrect for its Notepad app in Windows 11, more than 40 years after the simple text editor was first introduced in Windows in 1983.

Skye Jacobs • TechSpot

Big Tech needs to generate $600 billion in annual revenue to justify AI hardware expenditure

Sarah Kuta • Smithsonian Magazine

While visiting his parents’ recently renovated house in Europe, a man spotted something unusual in one of the floor tiles. Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be part of a human jawbone—and it still had a few teeth.

Spire Motorsports

Rodney Childers, a 40-time NASCAR Cup Series (NCS) race winning crew chief and one of the sport’s most respected tacticians, will lead Spire Motorsports No. 7 team and driver Corey LaJoie in 2025.

Felix Salmon • Axios

The Slacker generation might have been slacking off when it came to planning for retirement: Gen X consistently ranks in surveys as the least-prepared group for when they stop earning.

John Stoehr • Raw Story

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) declared Monday he is advocating for Christian nationalism, a far-right ideology that claims there is no separation of church and state in the Constitution, and promotes as a national religion Christian fundamentalism, a hardline, extremist brand of Christianity at odds with the religious beliefs of many Christians across the country

Drew Magary • SFGATE

But again, discretion isn’t this car’s job. This is a loud and lonely car for loud and lonely people. And while I enjoyed driving my Cybertruck, I hope I’m never loud and lonely enough to want to buy one.

Tiny Apple Core

Adios, New York Times.

I’ve had enough. Time to speak with my money I suppose.

Saturday Morning Coffee

Good morning from Charlottesville, Virginia! ☕️

Cold EspressoWe celebrated our nations 248th birthday this week. For some reason it made me think back to being a kid in 1976. We lived in the little California town of Lindsay. It’s where I was born. That year, for the entire year, all the fire hydrants were painted in red, white, and blue to celebrate our nations 200th birthday. It was a big deal and I’ll never forget it.

Enjoy the links.

Stephanie Mencimer • Mother Jones

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that former President Donald Trump has broad immunity from prosecution for crimes he allegedly committed while in office. The majority decision provoked furious dissent from the court’s three liberal justices. “The President is now a King above the law,” wrote Justice Sonia Sotomayor, concluding, “With fear for our democracy, I dissent.”

The emphasis above is mine. It’s bone chilling to read that sentence. We’ve opened the door to all kinds of despicable behavior from future Presidents.

It’s a sad, sad, day for America. I hope our country can survive this. ❤️

Jennifer Zhan • Vulture

Martin Mull — the actor who kept us laughing with his comedic chops in Fernwood 2 Night, Clue, Arrested Development, and more — has died. He was 80.

When I hear the name Martin Mull I think of Clue and his small role in Jingle All the Way.

Luda Fux

Managing multiple states in SwiftUI views can be complex and error-prone. This post addresses the issue by introducing a consolidated generic ViewState enum, simplifying state management, reducing bugs, and enhancing maintainability.

It’s nice little things like this that make writing code that much easier. In Swift the enum is extremely powerful. Might as well use it, right?

Eugen Rochko •

To reinforce and encourage Mastodon as the go-to place for journalism, we’re launching a new feature today. You will notice that underneath some links shared on Mastodon, the author byline can be clicked to open the author’s associated fediverse account, right in the app.

Leave it to a scrappy little open source project to embrace journalism. Why news organizations haven’t embraced Mastodon is beyond me. Smart folks have started Mastodon instances dedicated to journalists. Of course any journalist has the freedom to choose any instance that suits them. It’s wide open.

Jeremy Whittle • The Guardian

Mark Cavendish became the most prolific stage winner in the history of the Tour de France, taking his 35th victory with a typically instinctive victory in a chaotic sprint finish in Saint Vulbas.

I’m really happy for M. Cavendish. After last years fall and broken collar bone I wasn’t sure if he’d give it another go. I’m happy he did.

Gabriele Svelto • Mozilla

In some cases, Firefox could handle the failed allocation, but in most cases, there is no sensible or safe way to handle the error and it would need to crash in a controlled way… but what if we could recover from this situation instead? Windows automatically resizes the swap file when it’s almost full, increasing the amount of commit space available. Could we use this to our advantage?

I’d love to see this in greater detail. I wonder where exactly this is in the codebase? Are they using HeapAlloc, VirtualAlloc, something else, or some combination?

My little C++ class library uses HeapAlloc to preallocate memory for use with strings display to the user that would be shown for errors or other one off uses. It loads strings from resources.

Angela McArdle • Newsweek

Harrison Burton has openly responded to the recent decision by Wood Brothers Racing to replace him with Josh Berry for the upcoming year.

I’m happy for Josh Berry and bummed for Harrison Burton.

Burton is still very young and I hope he’s able to find another team willing to give him a shot.

If all else fails perhaps he could drop back to the Xfinity Series?

Riccardo Savi • The Verge

Microsoft AI boss Mustafa Suleyman incorrectly believes that the moment you publish anything on the open web, it becomes “freeware” that anyone can freely copy and use.

Whoa! This seems a bit wrong. What about copyright? I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but this sounds wrong footed.

I know MacStories has been pounding the regulation drum for a while now. It makes sense. If you’d like to keep your data away from LLM training, it should be an option. But how do you codify it legally?

Emily Galvin-Almanza

You may have heard the term “Project 2025” floating around, and you may even have cracked open the 900+ page document yourself, only to see a lot of kind of bland, policy-wonk text. So let me crack through the policy-speak and tell you WTF is in this document.

I hope you can get to this Pocket link? It was originally a thread on X that someone unwound on Thread Reader, but it’s a mess of ads.

Anyway, go read the piece of a rundown of Project 2025. It’s disgusting what they want to do to our country.

Casey Newton • Platformer News

A year ago this week, Meta introduced Threads to the world.

Happy birthday, Threads! 🎂

Here’s hoping they get fully integrated into the Fediverse so we can follow folks from Mastodon.

Also, does anyone know how to completely disable their recommendation engine? 😆

Microsoft Cash Cow.Adam Gordon Bell • Co-Recursive

What if you had to fight against your company’s culture to bring a revolutionary tool to life? Meet Jeffrey Snover, the Microsoft architect behind PowerShell, a command tool that transformed Windows system administration. Initially met with skepticism, Snover’s idea faced resistance from a company that favored graphical interfaces.

Really nice interview with the man behind Microsoft PowerShell. It’s a super powerful shell for DevOps, Network Admins, and Developers. It’s highly extensible via scripting and making use of .Net assemblies and COM components.

It’s best if you take the time to listen to the podcast but. There is a full transcript available if you’d rather read it.

Siobhan Roberts • The New York Times

Bright and early on the first Saturday in January, Tomas Rokicki and a few hundred fellow enthusiasts gathered in a vast lecture hall at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco. A big math conference was underway and Dr. Rokicki, a retired programmer based in Palo Alto, Calif., had helped organize a two-day special session about “serious recreational mathematics” celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube.

I remember when Rubik’s Cubes started showing up at school and I remember my first one. I never mastered how to solve it because I wanted to do it on my own. I could only ever get three sides completed. I also had a pyramid puzzler that was super easy to complete.

Happy 50th anniversary! 🥳

Courtenay Brown, Margaret Talev • Axios

By the numbers: One-third of millennials and over 60% of Gen Z consumers say they rely on their parents for at least some financial support.

We see this with our kids but it’s not about FOMO or poor choices. They usually need help when they have a major expense land on them, like a car breaking down.

It’s tough for them to get by and I know our oldest daughter doubts they’ll ever have a home of their own.

Matt Crossman • NASCAR

Even inside the car while the crash is happening, the world goes silent, or seems to, at least. As Austin Dillon’s car flew down the frontstretch in 2015 at Daytona in one of the most frightening wrecks in NASCAR history, all he could hear were his own thoughts: You’re OK, you’re OK, you’re OK.

If you’ve ever seen that crash you’ll understand why he was repeating that over and over. It’s pretty horrific and a testament to how well these cars are built.

Believe it or not the cars are horsepower restricted on Super Speedways, through the use of restrictor plates.

Louie Mantia

In addition to birthdate, there should be a deceased date field in Contacts. That data can be used for both memorial purposes and to prevent Siri suggestions about making a posthumous birthday call. There should also be an easy way to archive threads with a deceased loved one in iMessage to preserve those memories. There should be a path to inherit iTunes purchases, even though there are legal differences between a CD and a digital album. (Buy physical media, people.)

I’ve thought a lot about what I’d like to do with my various sites when I kick the bucket. I need to put together a plan that will bring everything under one roof so that single domain will serve as an archive of everything I’ve done and will do in computing. It will most likely live under the domain and will include and this domain for certain.

I already have all my Tweets archived thanks to

Thing is, will my wife be able to manage it and keep the domain going?

It would be really nice if there were a way to archive everything to a single site, like, or something for free as long as the data is static.

I’ve also started purchasing movies in the BluRay, DVD, digital bundle again, just so I have a physical copy.

Tiny Apple Core

This little feller is helping me lay the foundation for my retaining wall.

Wish I could’ve gotten closer.

Picture of a black and transparent dragonfly on a wall.

Uncle SamThat’s how old the United States of America is.

Will we have a 249th birthday? Only if we elect Joe Biden. That will allow us to add four additional years to the count.

Happy Fourth of July.

Kathleen Culliton • Raw Story

“Democrats fearful that President Joe Biden will cost them control of Congress are mulling calling on him to withdraw from the race against convicted felon former President…”

All y’all are cowards!

Biden is our only choice. Get out there and rally the troops. There’s more to lose than your seat in the House or Senate.

NASCAR International?

Brain in a jarI would really love to see NASCAR add a couple international dates to their schedule. Maybe these dates are in place of some track dates that get two races and they’re only done every-other-year?

Regardless, I think it would be good for the sport. Granted I’m a total NASCAR noob but I’ve really come to appreciate the skill, strategy, and excitement of NASCAR.

Exciting? Really?

Yep. I think it’s the most exciting of the three racing leagues I keep an eye on; NASCAR, IndyCar, and F1. Of those F1 is, hands down, the most boring of the three with NASCAR being the most exciting. And, no, it’s not just because of the incredible wrecks it’s because on each weekend you could have a different winner. Sure, there are favorites who will win more races than others but you do have a distribution of winners.

Where would they go?

That’s the big question and I have opinions!


Mexico City - Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez

F1 currently runs at Mexico City so they’re ready to host a major car racing series.

The track is 2.67 miles of road course. Not an oval, of course.


Brands Hatch

Billed as Britain’s Best Loved Circuit, Brands Hatch is a 2.3 mile road course and would be a total blast to see NASCAR compete there.

Who knows, if NASCAR were to have some international events like this perhaps they could run a few European tracks.



I would LOVE to see them run THE LEGENDARY GREEN HELL. It’s huge! Just shy of 13 miles of road course with elevation changes and tricky turns.

If that’s just too much track they could run the F1 track instead. It’s just over 3 miles of road course.


Suzuka Circuit

Another course on the F1 circuit that runs 2.6 miles in length.

And that’s that!

Perhaps one of these tracks per year, maybe two or three in Europe while they’re there.

NASCAR is a very different type of organization. They are extremely conservative and that may not translate well to an audience outside America, but I’d love to see them try.

Saturday Morning Coffee

Good morning from Charlottesville, Virginia! ☕️

Spicy Mexican CoffeeIt’s been a very quiet week but I’m excited for tomorrow because Kim and Taylor will be back home! 🥳

Guess I’d better cleanup the house. 🤣

My first cup of coffee is in hand. I hope you enjoy the links.

boing boing

All schools in every Oklahoma district must now include the Bible in their teachings, as mandated today by State Superintendent Ryan Walters.

This seems to be a violation of separation of church and state established by the First Amendment of the Constitution.

The text is simple and is referred to as the Establishment Clause.

It reads:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…

That’s it. That says it all and goes on to say you’re free to practice any religion you’d like.

Also, when these Christian Nationalists say “The Bible” which Bible are they referring to? Catholic? King James? New International Version? Which? Folks will argue over that, believe me, I know first hand. My Grandparents and Mom swore if you didn’t read the King James you were doing it wrong. Who can read all those begats and hithers and all that English we no longer use today?

Anyway. This is the setup for a visit all the way to the Supreme Court where the Heritage Foundation was allowed to seat three judges during the Orange Man’s time in office and Alito is obviously ready to support a Christian Nationalist agenda.

This is a clear violation of the First Amendment, just like being able to post the Ten Commandments in the class room.

Keep Church out of public schools. You have your place of worship and Bible studies for that.

Romain Dillet • TechCrunch

A few months after opening a non-compliance case on Apple and the Digital Markets Act (DMA), the European Commission has shared its preliminary findings with Apple. And the bottom line is that the current App Store rules are in breach of the DMA. Confirmed violations of the DMA can lead to fines of up to 10% of global annual turnover.

Hoo-boy. Apple has stepped in it. Their implementation of the Digital Rights Act has a few things that have left many scratching their heads. Apple believes and has established that they’re entitled to a commission on every sale of digital goods. Until Tim Cook took the stand and proclaimed that, I’d never thought of it as a commission. I just knew they got 30% of my sales, which was reduced to 15% later on. Tim Cook when on to say it was going to be tough for developers to keep track of, and pay, what they owe Apple every month.

As part of Apple’s DMA implementation they expect a 27% commission due them for each App sale on competing app stores.

The next oddity is the Core Technology Fee for companies opening their own app stores. Go read the CTF if you’re interested. I’m just gonna mess it up trying to explain it here.

Basically Apple has made the idea of having a competing App Store so unattractive very few companies have the resources to pull it off.

Having a commission of 27% vs. 15% in the Apple App Store and the CTF seem to be the biggest issues.

Can the EU tell Apple they can’t collect a commission? I’m pretty sure that’s what most developers want and it would open the door to competition from Indie App Stores. We’re all in this to make a living from it. If I could sell my app in Store A and pay 5% for processing it’s a much better deal than the 15% I give to Apple. Math for the win!

I don’t foresee putting my apps that lose money in any other App Stores, but I’d imagine others are super happy to try.

Christian Selig

Today I’m releasing Juno 2.0, which incorporates a ton of that community feedback, and truly brings the app to the next level through extensive improvements and new features. Using it over the last little while I have had so many moments where I catch myself smiling. Browsing and watching YouTube on visionOS through Juno is honestly just so fun, immersive, and downright futuristic, and I genuinely think the best way to watch your favorite videos.

Christian is the developer behind the wildly popular Reddit client Apollo, which Reddit shut down. He seems to have gone down the Vision Pro rabbit hole with a new video playing app called Juno. I suspect the app is beautiful and extremely easy to use.

If you own a Vision Pro and love watching YouTube videos, give it a try. It’s a one time purchase of $4.99US in the Vision Pro App Store.

Dino Durrati • politizoom

Fascist piglet and Donald Trump butt boy Kevin Roberts, President of the uber-right leaning Heritage Foundation – the organization that owns the Supreme Court and six of its justices – was skillfully unmasked earlier this morning by MSNBC correspondents Simone Sanders, Michael Steele and Alicia Menendez, who apparently had a diabolical plan in place to expose this Nazi for just who he is… just ask the idiot Trump sycophant pertinent questions and then sit back and let him run his mouth.

Go watch the YouTube video of this interview. The MAGA nuts are now saying the quiet part out loud. Project 2025 is a playbook to make a fascist America.

It’s good they’re being open about it. The question is, how many people will see this and pay attention to Project 2025, much less vote against the fascist MAGA agenda?

Germany let it happen with Hitler. We can’t let this happen with Trump.

Jay Peters • The Verge

Figma is announcing a bunch of new features at its Config conference today, including a major UI redesign, new generative AI tools to help people more easily make projects, and built-in slideshow functionality.

I’m stunned how popular Figma is. At WillowTree it’s used for everything. Just about every meeting I go to there’s some kind of FigJam board being used for something. Can we please stop? 🤣

I guess at some point everything devolves into presentation software. Folks used Visio for this purpose back in the early 2000’s and probably still do today.

Personally I’m more into native apps, like Sketch, for Design. But folks need to use what suits them and makes them productive.

Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly

Casey suggested “The Search for Blue March”, and I mostly stuck with it, only opting to change the month to “December” because I felt gave a better nod to the original. “Kay Celis” became the director, a pseudonym that makes way more sense if you say it out loud. For the date, I opted to use Callsheet’s launch date. It felt appropriate.

Reading about the process of doing something creative makes me smile. This post did just that. 😀

Richard Lawler • The Verge

The NFL has been hit with a $4.7 billion verdict in a class action antitrust lawsuit filed on behalf of residential and commercial customers who paid for its Sunday Ticket package on DirecTV from 2011 through 2022.

That’s a heckuva lot of cash! Wowzer!

Once it’s divvied up everyone will get a check in the mail for $0.25. 🤣

Kevin Purdy • Ars Technica

40 years later, X Window System is far more relevant than anyone could guess

Old software never goes away. In this case it seems X is considered complete.

The new hotness is Weyland. I haven’t used Linux since 2009 so I have no experience with it. Heck, most of my windowing experience on Linux was with KDE.

It’s interesting to see how far things have come since then. I may need to make a VM just to horse around with things.

Katelyn Reinhart • ASU News

The wet-bulb temperature limit for human survival indicates the maximum combinations of temperature and humidity that humans can tolerate without suffering inevitable heat stroke over a fixed duration of exposure.

This is kind of terrifying if you believe in Climate Change and a hotter earth.

Our combined stupidity and the drive of capitalism at all costs will lead to our extinction.

It makes me wonder if folks should continue to have children? I fear for my grandchildren.

Eleana Tworek, Don Gonyea, Samantha Balaban, and Shannon Rhoades • NPR

Detroit’s population is growing, a first since the 1950s. The uptick is small but significant for a city that’s struggled for decades.

I’m here for this! I’d love to be able to convince my wife we need to move to Detroit and fix up a home in a neighborhood that needs reviving.

My wife’s not having it. 😆

Tiny Apple Core

Stop and Think

Uncle SamI didn’t watch the debate last night and I’m glad I skipped it. Apparently President Biden didn’t do so well. That’s ok, I’m still voting for him and I’m sure most Democrats will.

Question is how do we get Independents to vote for him or true Republicans who don’t agree with the draconian MAGA movement? The movement that’ll set us back decades.

I’m still voting for Joe Biden, I don’t care if he’s not as sharp as he once was. He has amazing people all around him and I’m certain he can still do the job.

If you’re an Independent or Republican the question is: Do you want Democracy or Fascism?

The choice is so easy for most of us, we want Democracy.

Let’s see how Mrs. Fahrni and Taylor are doing in California!

Sucks to be them. 🤣 Having to deal with perfect blue sky and sunshine with a high in the mid-70’s.

A few of Kim’s happy flowers.

A picture of a beautiful white gardenia variety. I had no idea this was a gardenia. A pink daylily in full bloomA white and light peach colored roseBeautiful blue hydrangea flower cluster

Saturday Morning Coffee

Good morning from Charlottesville, Virginia! ☕️

It’s been an interesting week at the Fahrni household. Kim and Taylor are visiting family in California and I’m holding down the fort. There are of course benefits to this, I can eat whatever I want. But, there are also downsides. I can eat whatever I want. Needless to say, I’ve done a horrible job of eating the right things, the healthy things I should be eating. 🍔🍟🍕🍰🥧🍦

Richard Goldstein • The New York Times

Willie Mays, Baseball’s Electrifying Player of Power and Grace, Is Dead at 93

Perhaps the best to ever play the game. RIP.

Mansee Khurana • NPR

Donald Sutherland, who starred in more than 200 movies and TV shows, died Thursday in Miami, Fla., after a long illness. He was 88.

We’ve all seen Donald Sutherland in movies and perhaps you may not be able to name many?

The films I most remember him in were Space Cowboys, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and Salem’s Lot.


Sinem Akinci • Microsoft C++ Team Blog

This blog post was written in collaboration with Philipp Jeske and Rainer Bauereiss, a software engineer and a software engineering lead we worked with to deliver on these improvements, who shared their story and experience with C++ development while adopting Visual Studio 2022.

Neat interview with a couple engineers from Bosch about their use of Visual Studio in a cross platform environment.

I’m so jealous of this! I’d have loved to have had this in 2005 or even 2009 while working at Pelco.

I used vim, KDevelop, and eventually settled into Eclipse while working on our Linux products. Windows was easy, we used Visual Studio.

Heck, I’d have loved to have had VSCode at that time! 😃

Reading this article brought back some great memories and made me want to ask Bosch if they needed any old crusty C++ devs. 🤣 I do miss it.

Microsoft Cash Cow.

Rain Noe • Core77

If you’ve worked in structural package design, you may have noticed recent changes to Starbucks' cups for cold drinks. If not, here’s a look at the new design features, added to make baristas' lives easier.

While it may seem mundane or boring to some it’s not to me. There is a designer living inside me, but he sucks. At least with sites like Core77 I can live vicariously through amazing designers of all kinds!

There is one glaring problem with these Starbucks cups. Know what it is? Yes, they’re made of plastic. How in the world can we divorce ourselves of it? 🤔

Filipe Espósito • 9to5Mac

Apple this year announced a series of changes when it comes to the App Store in the EU, as the Digital Markets Act (DMA) antitrust legislation came into force in March. However, the European Commission doesn’t seem satisfied with the changes Apple has made. For the EU, Apple has some “very serious” issues with not being fully compliant with the new legislation.

Well, it sounds like Apple may be at the “find out” part the ever popular statement “F*ck around and find out.”

Of course I’ll be keeping an eye on this. Will I participate in another store? I kind of doubt it. 🍿

Daniel Golson • Jalopnik

Do You Think Honda’s $15,000 Electric Kei Van Would Actually Work In America?

I don’t know but this is the sort of pricing we 100% need here in the States if we want to get folks to buy electric vehicles. I’d buy a lesser expensive electric car for commuting — if I had a commute — even if it had a 100 mile range. I could charge at home and at work. ⚡️

Nick Hodges • InfoWorld

Software developers started having to think not only about how the program was going to get the job done, but also about how the user was going to interact with the program to get the job done. It became clear that a good user interface was something that would sell more software.

This is one of those things that bothered me about web apps. They’re all over the place as far as UI design goes. With native Mac and Windows apps you at least expect, and get, a certain amount of consistency across applications. 👨🏽‍💻

Allan Rose Hill • Boing Boing

The team members decided to spend the night in the cells of D Block. However, one of the fellows was a loud snorer so they banished him to crash in the room where mughots were once taken. The next morning, they found him, and his gear, outside the room.

Who doesn’t love a good ghost story?

It makes me want to go spend the night there to find out what’s going on.👻

Mark Moran • UPI

Excavation unearths cherries in cellar of George Washington’s Mount Vernon

This is pretty nifty. I wonder what else they’ll eventually find? I love American history, the good and bad, and have often thought of becoming a History teacher or historian.

I wonder what those dissolved cherries taste like? Probably really disgusting. 🤣

Dave Winer • Scripting News

One of the cool things about the way I designed FeedLand internally is that there are various levels of feed stuff. If you want to start over at any level, you can, and today I’m doing exactly that. But first here’s the stack

A little insight to Dave’s FeedLand service stack.

Andy Kalmowitz • Jalopnik

The Tesla Cybertruck is possibly the most look-at-me vehicle on sale today with its bizarre shape and stainless steel bodywork, but what if you wanted something that stuck out from the crowd even more (in a bad way)? Well, folks now is your chance to do just that, because I’ve just stumbled upon the most attention-seeking Cybertruck to date. Listed for sale in Lincoln, Nebraska is a completely polished Cybertruck. Who knew the center of Hell was Nebraska?

I personally don’t see the attraction to the Cybertruck. I’d imagine they’re mostly purchased by macho men and Space Karen fanboys.

Of course I’d never own one but I will admit I kind of like the way this highly polished version with aftermarket wheels and tires looks. Way better than the factory mess Tesla ships.

It’s gonna be dangerous as heck on the road. Can you imagine getting hit in the face with the glare off of one of these? 🪩

John Gruber • Daring Fireball

By My Count Trump is Batting .900 on the Ten Commandments

Yeah, the Orange Menace couldn’t tell you the Ten Commandments much less live by them. He’s a fraud when it comes to religion, just like he is at everything else.

Kelly Crandall • Racer

Gene Haas to continue in NASCAR with new Haas Factory Team in 2025

This is good news for NASCAR fans, I think? When Stewart Haas announced their closure folks thought there’d be four charters up for sale. Now it looks like the Cup side will be reduced to one team and the Xfinity side will retain both of the existing teams.

I’m really interested to know which team and charter will they keep? E.G. It could be the four car with a different team and driver.

That still leaves three Cup charters and drivers looking for new homes.

I’d love to see these charters go to new homes and see their drivers go with them. I’m especially curious about where Josh Berry and team land. He’s had a good rookie season and he has a legendary Crew Chief. 🚘

UPDATE: I guess we know where Chase Briscoe is gonna land. 🤣

Chase is currently a Stewart Haas driver. Guess he’s going to Joe Gibbs Racing.

Samuel Axon • Ars Technica

Business Insider claims it has seen internal Dell tracking data that reveals nearly 50 percent of the workforce opted to accept the consequences of staying remote, undermining Dell’s plan to restore its in-office culture.

Dell employed an interesting tactic and it kind of didn’t really work.

So, if you choose to work remotely you’re basically stuck at your current job and salary. It turns out 50% of the company was fine with those terms.

Travis Gettys • AlterNet

A former U.S. Supreme Court clerk cast suspicion on the lengthy delay by justices in rendering a decision in Donald Trump’s immunity case.

This doesn’t surprise me given what we’ve been hearing about the court recently.

The thing in most concerned with is their upcoming decision on the Orange Menaces claim he has full immunity. Apparently some group of judges are leaning toward a limited set of immunities for the President. That seems insane to me, unless it only applies to Presidential duties. The Orange Dude didn’t commit his crimes as part of his official Presidential duties. They were the selfish acts of a cruel, narcissistic, rapist, felon.

Besides, the justices need to be really careful. If they give free rein to Presidents the Orange Dude may mysteriously disappear, and if Dark Brandon were behind it, well, wouldn’t that be something.

I know it’s pathetic of me to say stuff like that but at this point I’m hoping the guy just goes away never to be seen again. I don’t care how.

Charles R. Davis • Salon

The story, in a way, is that there is any story at all: On Thursday, two sources told The New York Times, in effect, that every liberal critic of Judge Aileen Cannon — every legal analyst who says she has mishandled Donald Trump’s classified documents case, displaying incompetence and prejudice — is absolutely right.

This judge is something else. By all accounts she has no clue what she’s doing, unless of course she really does and it tilting her decisions to Trump.

In other words, Cannon’s own colleagues are openly talking about her bias and inability now that both have been ably demonstrated in case that still has no trial date, a year after she was assigned it, largely due to the fact that she has agreed to hold hearings on just about every issue raised by the defense. On Friday, even outside right-wing attorneys will be given time in the courtroom to argue that it was actually illegal for Smith to even bring the case.

I keep hoping the 11th Circuit will replace her. Regardless, Trump won’t see trial before the election so she will have achieved her goal.

Tiny Apple Core

Longest day of the year. It’s 9:04 and still light.

Love it.

Picture of trees in the evening.


I’ve been thinking about breaking Stream’s inner workings into a separate package.

It would include; networking, parsing(RSS, JSON Feed, Atom, and HTML), data models, database(?), and any utilities around those items. The database bit is a stretch and should really remain outside of the package. It wouldn’t force a storage mechanism on anyone.

I’d like to do this to keep me honest about my separation of concerns and I just like the modularity of it.

It would, of course, use Swift Package Manager to create the package.

The big question rolling around my brain is this: Do I open source it?

Why not you ask? Well, it’s simple. I’m afraid my code will be dragged through the mud and that would destroy me. I love and appreciate constructive feedback and would absolutely take PR’s.

To get where I’d love to have it means creating the SPM and using it internally for Stream for iOS and Stream for Mac. I’d also like to make sure I’m using all the new async/await strictness put in place with Swift 6.

If I can get that far I’d consider open sourcing it. Maybe. 🤣

The other question is, would anyone use it?

I decided to grab coffee at Grit this morning and chill here for a bit.

Picture of a to-go coffee cup on an outdoor table at Grit Coffee.

I think Kim is excited for her and Taylor’s California trip. 😆

A hand drawn car on a calendar with swooshes behind it indicating it moving forward with the words California Trip written behind it.

Saturday Morning Coffee

Good morning from Charlottesville, Virginia! ☕️

This week was Apple Developer Christmas also known as WWDC. It’s a time of year we learn what Apple has in store for developers for the next year.

At WillowTree we had a watch party at our Durham, North Carolina office. It was really great to meet folks I’ve worked with on projects but haven’t met in person.

It was really nice. A mini vacation with friends.

The keynote and Developer State of the Union were great as always and we all knew AI would be at the center.

Christine Hall • TechCrunch

Here’s everything Apple announced at the WWDC 2024 keynote, including Apple Intelligence, Siri makeover

We all suspected Apple would have an AI story this year, but they did announce other things. One that caught my attention was SwiftData allowing developers to use their own backend as a data source. It’s something every app developer integrating with a custom web service has to do. I’m super curious about it.

I’m also way behind the Swift Strict Concurrency train. It’s as if we have an entirely new language to learn.

Mark Gurman • Bloomberg

Apple to ‘Pay’ OpenAI for ChatGPT Through Distribution, Not Cash

This is a classic mistake all developers and designers are warned not to do. The classic “My app is so popular it’ll get you attention for the free artwork you give me.” Uh, yeah, take cold hard cash.

The irony of this is Microsoft is in essence paying Apple to have ChatGPT integration in Apple OS’es.

Oh, most of the intelligence on device will be handled by Apple’s own models. But, when it does have to go off device it’ll make sure you know it’s ChatGPT so if it screws up you know who to blame. 🤣

Apple Security Engineering

Apple Intelligence is the personal intelligence system that brings powerful generative models to iPhone, iPad, and Mac. For advanced features that need to reason over complex data with larger foundation models, we created Private Cloud Compute (PCC), a groundbreaking cloud intelligence system designed specifically for private AI processing.

I want to know about the custom hardware Apple built. Sure, it’s running Apple Silicon and the OS is stripped down and buttoned up tighter than a drum to prevent accidentally introducing security holes, but I want to see how the hardware is assembled and see how it’s mounted in racks.

Daniel Jalkut • Bitsplitting

During the crescendo to announcing its name, the letters “A” and “I” will be on all of our lips, and then they’ll drop the proverbial mic: “We’re calling it Apple Intelligence.” Get it?

You may be asking why I included this post? I included it because Daniel called the “Apple Intelligence” name over a year ago. Did Apple take his idea? We’ll probably never know. 😃

Hartley Charlton • MacRumors

Elon Musk has threatened to ban Apple devices from his companies over Apple’s newly announced ChatGPT integration.

Space Karen really is a big baby man. He and the Orange Menace are cut from the same cloth. I get my way or I’m gonna throw myself down and have a tantrum.

Do it, ban Apple products at your companies, baby man. 👶🏼

Nathan Edwards • The Verge

If you’ve never tried to do work on an iPad, I am genuinely happy for you. I’m writing this story on a Bluetooth keyboard connected to an 11-inch iPad Air M2. It’s a very nice keyboard, and the Air is a very nice tablet, but this would have been so much faster and easier on a convertible Chromebook. And I could still have watched Andor on the plane.

Folks are going to continue to ask for hardware they may never get. Google and Microsoft both offer hardware more akin to what iPad — MacPad? — users want.

The Viticci Monster is still your best bet.

Reid Spencer • NASCAR

Martin Truex Jr. felt it was time to regain control over his own life and his own schedule.

“I’m obviously here to let y’all know that I won’t be back full-time next year,” Truex said Friday in a press conference with team owner Joe Gibbs, confirming the widely reported news that he will exit the No. 19 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota at season’s end.

It’s the end of an era. Truex is a Cup Series Champion with 34 wins in his pocket and is always a threat to win on the track.

Here’s to retirement. I hope you enjoy every moment of it Mr. Truex.

Lydia Mee • Newsweek

A pivotal gathering is reportedly taking place in Montreal today, where Formula 1 team bosses are set to convene to deliberate on the sport’s upcoming 2026 rule changes with F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali. This meeting aims to tackle increasing apprehensions surrounding the profound modifications proposed for the 2026 Formula One season.

Hats off to Formula 1 for trying to do something bold with their racing designs. In particular the motors are meant to combine electric power with a traditional combustion motor.

Charlie Savage, Jonathan Swan, and Maggie Haberman • New York Times

Donald Trump and his closest allies are preparing a radical reshaping of American government if he regains the White House. Here are some of his plans for cracking down on immigration, directing the Justice Department to prosecute his adversaries, increasing presidential power, upending America’s trade policies, retreating militarily from Europe and unilaterally deploying troops to Democratic-run cities.

I’ll continue to beat the anti-Orange Man drum until he’s no longer a threat to Democracy. He must be defeated in November and our system of government must be hardened and prepared for an onslaught of attacks and violence if he is defeated.

Stephen Marz

The standard library contains a ton of code that we don’t want to write ourselves, including printf, scanf, math functions, and so forth. So, we need to make sure our operating system can link to this library and everything “just works”. This post will show you how I linked our operating system to a standard library, newlib, and the trials and tribulations encountered in doing so.

Wow. Stephen has a lot of stuff to consider while integrating the standard C runtime libraries into his Rust based OS. I really need to keep an eye on his work.

Oladimeji Sowole • The New Stack

Note that at this stage, only certain aspects of the Edge UI have undergone this change. In reply to a Mastodon user who asked about this, Russell confirmed that it is “an ongoing effort” and that the Edge team is “converting surface-by-surface, with ~15% fully done so far.”

At the day job I’m diving into React Native because we’re getting a lot of requests for React Native work.

On the flip side you have Microsoft rethinking their use of React in their browser. It makes sense to me. You want your browser to be as zippy and memory efficient as it can be.

James Bickerton • Newsweek

On Thursday 192 House Republicans voted for an amendment which would have required a controversial Confederate monument to be reinstated at Arlington National Cemetery, where it was removed in December 2023.

What an embarrassing time in America. The GOP is fully embracing every mean and cruel law they possibly can. Why do they have to control everyone?

It’s always been a bit of a puzzle to me how the Republican and Democrat party have morphed over the years. Remember it was the GOP led by Lincoln who abolished slavery. Here we are over 150 years later and the GOP wants to control every life in America and Democrats are against it.

Tiny Apple Core

Stream for Mac Update

You’d think since Stream for Mac looks this bad I’d get to work on it, you’d be wrong! 🤣

I really do need to get back to it. I started working on the add feeds modal and realized I needed to fix up some of the code that does that to work better on the Mac. It’s also forcing me to look at adding async/await to the app, which is something I really need to do.

Caught a Durham Bulls game tonight with a bunch of WillowTree folk. Unfortunately the Bulls lost in extra innings but it’s a beautiful downtown and the ballpark is gorgeous.

Picture of the Durham Bulls Stadium from behind home plate.

Having a nice mocha at Cocoa Cinnamon in downtown Durham.

I like this city.

Picture of a coffee shop called Cocoa Cinnamon in downtown Durham, NC.

I’m in the Durham WillowTree office for a few days for our WWDC get together for all our iOS Devs.

Should be fun!

WillowTree Durham, NC Office lobby.

I had no idea David Sunflower Seeds started in Fresno. Learned something new today.

Picture of the back of a David Sunflower Seeds bag explaining they started in Fresno, California.

I couldn’t resist posting this here. 🤣

An a-frame sign in front of a sandwich shop that reads: Trump sandwich, white bread, full of baloney, with Russian dressing, and a small pickle.

Saturday Morning Coffee

Good morning from Charlottesville, Virginia! ☕️

Cold EspressoWell, it’s been kind of a slow week on the project front. Sure, we’re still plugging away and the React Native devs are actively adding new features. I’m spending most of my time fixing the occasional bug that crops up and working on performance stuff, which is always fun. I love doing this type of work.

Chris Cameron • The New York Times

Former President Donald J. Trump has in recent days been escalating his suggestions that he could prosecute his political enemies if elected in November.

Defeat him at the polls and be prepared for a shitstorm and massive temper tantrum if the Orangeman loses.

Gabriel Ludosanu • Xojo Blog

You’re building a fantastic Xojo application that needs to connect to the internet, grab data from websites, or send information to web services. This is where HTTP requests come in. They’re the language your application uses to talk to the web.

I’ve mentioned my love for the BASIC language many times over the years. Xojo is a cross platform development environment with a very modernized form of BASIC.

I’d put money on it being much easier to learn than Swift and Xcode.

Swift is 100% not a beginning programming language.

David Revoy

In all these years, I have never seen the GNU/Linux distribution landscape regress so far away from our needs. It is almost impossible to find a distribution where you can professionally run and set up our most basic tools: Creative software, graphic pen tablet, color calibration. And I tested a wide range of GNU/Linux distributions to make this guide! The choice we have in 2024 is super limited.

It’s kind of sad to see Linux get worse for professional artists.

Any time now it’ll be the year of the Linux Desktop. 🫠

Kevin Turong • The San Francisco Standard

Billionaire entrepreneur Hamdi Ulukaya, the Turkish-born CEO and founder of Chobani, the country’s largest producer of Greek yogurt, has purchased the brewery and its 2.17-acre Potrero Hill home.

This is super nice! I’m so happy for beer lovers everywhere and especially beer lovers in San Francisco. A legend is reborn!

Seamus Hughes • Court Watch

A YouTube influencer is facing federal charges for shooting illegal fireworks from a helicopter at a Lamborghini doing donuts on federal land. On Tuesday, federal prosecutors in California filed charges against Alex Choi for “causing the placement of an explosive or incendiary device on an aircraft.”

I watched a clip of the video and it’s a pretty darned fun video. It’s also my understanding he’s a real jerk and karma ultimately catches up with folks like that.

Bill Emory

Sources speculate the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed north on Franklin. At an estimated 80 mph the car blew through the stop sign , mowed through vegetation, went up the 45% incline, jumped the railroad tracks and was stopped suddenly on the north side of the embankment by a 12″ diameter tree.

This happened not far from WillowTree’s Woolen Mills HQ!

Can you imagine what a wild ride that must’ve been? 😳

Garth Edwards • Every

Don Estridge broke all of Big Blue’s rules to create the home computer. The company would never forgive him for it.

I love finding stories like this! Computing history I hadn’t a clue about.

Brian Holmes • KTVB

She said when he wouldn’t take it she dropped the book at Superintendent Derek Bub’s feet. She believes it may have added more fuel to the fire.

Good for Ms. Jenkins! I’m sure the nutball district is full on MAGA and doesn’t want folks to read the book the MAGA GOP is using as their blueprint for a new America.

Andrew Cunningham • Ars Technica

Windows Recall demands an extraordinary level of trust that Microsoft hasn’t earned

I’m still not sure how to feel about this. Hey, as long as I can turn it off I don’t think it’s that big an issue.

And, yes, I’d turn it off right away. Don’t want it, don’t need it.

Heck, if I get another Windows box I don’t really care to have a Microsoft login. Having access to the computer with a local login is good enough for me.

Victoria Song • The Verge

Starting today, Dexcom G7 continuous glucose monitor (CGM) users will be able to monitor their real-time blood sugar data straight from an Apple Watch.

I linked to this because WillowTree was involved with the G7 project for quite a while. I was part of a team that worked on a prototype app. It was a super fun project and one of my favorites!

Summer Lin, Joseph Serna, and Alex Wigglesworth • Los Angeles Times

As heat wave envelopes California, 14,000-acre Corral fire burns in San Joaquin County

California, and the San Joaquin Valley in particular, have been fighting high temperatures all week. Over 100 is not uncommon but it doesn’t usually happen this early in the summer.

I use an app called Watch Duty and there are fires burning all over California. My notifications have been firing multiple times a day.

California fire season is in full swing.

Michael Foster • Patchwork

Faced with the challenge of how to respond to the increasing enshittification of the web, and fuelled by a night out with Flipboard’s Mike McCue and Mastodon’s Eugen Rochko, Casey Newton of Platformer laughs and says:

This made me think about a post the week from Mastodon creator, Eugen Rochko:

I should be able to follow #Cara users from my Mastodon account. You can’t convince me to make yet another account in a yet another silo, but I’d love to see and share more art in my home feed. - Eugen Rochko

I would also love to see this and I believe we’re making good headway.

Talk about a platform that allows flowers to bloom!

Juli Clover • MacRumors

The Apple Vision Pro can be used as a display for a connected Mac, but it is bulky, heavy, and uncomfortable. The Spacetop G1, a new laptop from former Magic Leap employees, promises to solve those problems by pairing a computer with a set of lightweight AR glasses that look more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

I really hope these folks can pull this off. Even if they do I’m sure every Apple blog will pan it for not being as good, or better, than Vision Pro.

If they can pull it off it’ll beg the question: Why couldn’t Apple do it?

I’ll be keeping my eye on this story.

Spyglass • M.G. Siegler

As a kid, I wasn’t in the Pepsi or Coke camp (I liked both about the same), I was fully in the Dr Pepper camp. It was different, sort of weird, like me. One New Year’s Eve I drank so much of it that I got pretty ill and was worried I would have to go to the hospital. Those were different times. As are these, apparently!

It’s kind of crazy to see Dr. Pepper take over second place. I’m a Pepsi fan, always have been, but I have family who are into Dr. Pepper, so I guess it shouldn’t be that big a surprise.

I’m sure Pepsi is doing just fine.

I wonder if he knows of what is now called Dublin Dr. Pepper? The original Texas born Pepper.

Tiny Apple Core

Brain in a jarMy WWDC 2024 Wish List:

  1. Developer Kit for making custom watch faces.

That’s it. That’s the list.