Rob Fahrni

We lost a family member today. Ms. Sophie was 19-years old. She was a constant companion while I watched TV at night after everyone went to bed. She was super sweet and would purr when you’d touch her, even to the end. ❤️

Windows 11

Hope and Worry

Automattic ❤️ Day One

Windows 11: Sun Valley

Eastbound Day Three: Yukon, OK to Cookeville, TN

Eastbound Day Two: Gallup, NM to Yukon, OK

Eastbound Day One: Visalia, CA to Gallup, NM

macOS on iPad


Day Four: Kingman, AZ to Visalia, CA


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Day Three: Amarillo, TX to Kingman, AZ

Day Two: West Memphis, AR to Amarillo, TX

@manton I’ll wave at you from I-40 as I get into Texas.

It looks like my AirTag is in China? 😳

West Memphis, Arkansas

West of Nashville

Welcome to Chilhowie

Did Gruber Slip?

Day One: Charlottesville to Memphis

I love my kitty cat, Flynn, but he really frustrates me. I put them in a spot I thought he wouldn’t find them. I was wrong.

This little feller blessed us with this presence in the garden.

Happy flower is happy.

Texas is the very worst. It’s a shithole state run by horrible people. I’m sorry if you live there, you’re either going to have to flee or elect better representatives.

Sorry for reasonable folks that live in Texas. This new law is going to drive them completely insane.