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Saturday Morning Coffee

Espresso ShotI’ve had a head cold for the past week and my body is finally getting on top of it, finally. As a result I’m tired this morning and my brain is foggy and doesn’t want to do anything. Coffee to the rescue, I hope! ☕️

Hope you enjoy the links.


More than 23,000 people have been killed and tens of thousands injured after a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Turkey and Syria on Monday, officials said.

It’s been a very sad week for the people of Turkey and Syria. So many dead and wounded. I haven’t kept up with it like I normally would for such a tragedy. Why is that?

Thankfully people are still being rescued from the rubble. America needs to send help.


According to The Register, Google and Mozilla have recently been spotted working on versions of Chromium and Firefox that use their normal Blink and Gecko rendering engines, respectively.

It doesn’t surprise me to hear Google and Mozilla have native browsers built for iOS. Why not, their code is very portable already, it makes sense.

Some competition on the platform would be good for Apple and consumers.

Colm Doyle

It’s hardly insightful to suggest that the last few years have substantially changed the day to day experience of a knowledge worker. Nearly overnight even the most remote skeptical leadership teams were forced to embrace flexible work practices like working from home.

At WillowTree our CEO, Tobias, is a huge proponent of working in the office full time. When COVID hit we were just getting ready to move into our newly renovated building at Woolen Mills, but that didn’t happen and everybody went remote.

Fast forward a year and a half later and WillowTree is making preparations to return to the office on a hybrid schedule. Then COVID spiked again so it was out on hold. Eventually a poll was taken, we do lots of polls at WillowTree, asking if folks preferred in office or work from home. Tobias himself was shocked to learn that over 20% of the company preferred it.

Things changed based on the poll and a team was created to that would allow anyone to work from anywhere. I’m part of that team and I love it. I’m grateful our leadership is open to big change. So far it’s been really amazing.

Facebook Engineering Blog

Facebook for iOS (FBiOS) is the oldest mobile codebase at Meta. Since the app was rewritten in 2012, it has been worked on by thousands of engineers and shipped to billions of users, and it can support hundreds of engineers iterating on it at a time.

If you’re a developer go read this piece. When folks think of mobile software they most likely think of toy sized apps like Stream, not a lot going on. Then you run into a beast of a codebase like Facebook and you realize mobile software is “real” bonafide software with real challenges.

Mike Masnick

In the past few decades, however, rather than building new protocols, the internet has grown up around controlled platforms that are privately owned.

This is a piece from 2019 and it holds up really well. He’s basically discussing what ActivityPub and Mastodon have become. A lot of the challenges around siloed social networks is around “free speech.” I put that in quotes because most folks think free speech is a free for all, anything goes, and you can’t ban me because I said something nasty or threatening to you. Of course a platform could ban you and it has nothing to do with free speech. Companies and individuals don’t have to take the abuse and can choose to ban you if they want. Mastodon has helped this in many ways. I run my own Mastodon server and it’s by invitation only so I know and trust the folks on it to maintain a certain decorum. I know they won’t be nasty or threatening and it’s self policing. We need more small instances with better community management.


Today we’re introducing Wildebeest, an open-source, easy-to-deploy ActivityPub and Mastodon-compatible server built entirely on top of Cloudflare’s Supercloud.

I read through this post and I think it’s really wonderful to see addition ActivityPub based services come online. It’s an exciting time!

Cordi > About the tech experience on Mastodon. This is the last of three posts I have on Mastodon. I’ve been on the app for more than two months and have been content to ghost Twitter.

A nice series of posts about one persons experience with Mastodon. If you have friends fearful of joining they should go read this and see what someone else has experienced. Sure, it’s not Twitter, it’s even better, and it’s growing day by day.

Jack Dorsey believed Twitter should be open, not a silo. Mastodon and ActivityPub are delivering that vision. A central hub, controlled by a single corporation, is no longer in charge. The people are.

Digits to Dollars

After 30 years of dominance, the industry has come to come view Intel as a giant who has fallen on hard times. We do not think this is the right way to view the company, and it creates mental blind spots which hinder our ability to assess what are the right next steps for the company.

It’s hard to believe Intel is having so much trouble. They coasted for so long on their x86 architecture and still make a ton of money from it but the times they are a changing. Apple creating their own, much better, silicon must scare the pants off of Intel internally. They’re lucky Apple doesn’t care to sell their tech to any computer manufacturer. Imagine a Windows PC running on Apple Silicon. That would be glorious. 😃

Dave Rogers

What is somewhat more puzzling to me is the nature or character of the people who are attracted to this type. The toadies and sycophants, the enablers and lickspittles who compete for proximity to someone in power, someone in control.

I love reading Dave’s stuff. He’s an extremely kind, compassionate, man and a great writer. Unfortunately he lives in Florida and that state is full of looney birds, especially at the government level. Their Governor is is King Looney, a complete nutter, with fantasies of making Florida a totalitarian government run by him. His desire to control everything is exactly the opposite of a free nation and against everything our nation was founded on. He needs to go.

Dave, like many of us, can’t understand why people want this sort of strongman creating horrible policy in charge. Why would you want your rights squashed? You’re American, don’t you believe in freedom for all?

Tiny Apple Core

Ms. Priss is tired. Nighty night.

Flynn just woke up and now he’s crawled back under the blanket, is making dough, and is going to go back to sleep.

Rough life.

That is cold! 🥶


On Friday night, a new national record for lowest wind chill temperature was likely recorded at the tallest peak in the Northeast, Mount Washington in New Hampshire, with a reported wind chill of minus 108 degrees Fahrenheit – thanks to a temperature of minus 46 and wind gusts of 127 mph. Wind chill records are not historically tracked as closely as temperature records, but the mark would beat other lows set.

I can’t imagine how that must feel. Can you even go out in it without consequence?

Here in Charlottesville we’d be in one hell of a pickle. The electric grid is made of toilet paper and goes down when we get a bit of snow. 🧻

Kitties gonna kitty! We cover the guest bedroom bed with a blanket just for the kitties.

After a few days of gray brother and sister found the sun. 😸☀️

Saturday Morning Coffee

Espresso ShotGood morning coffee lovers! Hope you’re ready for some randomness because you’re gonna get some. Cheers! ☕️

Associated Press

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Thousands of frustrated Texans shivered in homes without power for a second day Thursday, most of them around booming Austin, and fading hopes of a quick fix stirred grim memories of a deadly 2021 blackout after an icy winter storm across the southern U.S.

Poor Texans are, once again, struggling through big cold snap. It’s not surprising though, the GOP run state doesn’t care about people, only profits.

I read something yesterday that rings true: How can you tell when you’re going to have six more weeks of winter? Ted Cruz goes to Mexico.

Folks, stop voting for Republicans. They don’t care about you one little bit.

Ars Technica

HBO’s The Last of Us tries a little tenderness in a surprising episode 3

This was a fantastic episode! We got to see a couple live their best lives under terrible circumstances. I didn’t play the game so I didn’t know Bill was gay but he was already an interesting character up to that point. A prepper with the talent of a gourmet chef and a musician. Being gay was just the cherry on top and his commitment to his partner was heart warming. This episode was a quiet reprieve to what I’d imagine will be non-stop violence to the bitter end.


Tom Brady says he is retiring “for good” from football, ending a storied 23-year NFL career during which the star quarterback won seven Super Bowls and set numerous records.

Tom, Tom, Tom. I have a horrible feeling Mr. Brady returned to football because his wife broke the news to him that she wanted a divorce not long after he retired. Football was the distraction he needed to get through it. Now the divorce is final, he’s suffered that initial pain, and it’s time to move on.

I’m so sorry you had to go through that Tom. Divorce is nothing but pain for all involved. I hope you have a beautiful life. You are football’s GOAT.


Because of Twitter’s announcement that free access to the Twitter API will end February 9, we will be removing Twitter integration from NetNewsWire in the next release (6.1.1) for Mac and iOS.

Space Karen strikes again! This time he’s hitting anyone whow uses the Twitter API. He’s tightening up while over on Mastodon things remain completely open for business! Following folks on Mastodon from your favorite feed read is so easy you don’t need a special plug-in to do it! It supports RSS right out of the box. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Also, who wants this domain? It would be great for a Space Karen watch site, like Twitter is going great.

Jeffrey Zeldman

Before the present owner, I was a Twitter Blue customer, because I always pay for software—to support its creators and help prevent it from disappearing, as so many great websites and platforms have done over the years.

Jeffrey Zeldman is an American treasure and web hero. I’ve enjoyed reading him for years and years now. This time Jeffrey shares his adventure of trying to give Twitter money. Their payment system failed. Doesn’t surprise me.

America, America

The authoritarian strongman types want us to believe in their power. They may even want us to think that their power is divinely influenced, a sign that they’re not like the rest of us, but better. Look no further than the surreal video released just weeks before the Florida gubernatorial election, complete with Voice of God-style narration and mad text about how Ron DeSantis is the fulfillment of God’s plan for a protector and a fighter.

I’m sure Florida has it’s share of wonderful people but why would you choose to live there? DeSantis is a true authoritarian scared of America’s future without bullies like him. Future America will happen. You may slow it down but it will happen. I hope to one day have a liberal society built on love and compassions for our fellow man, not some nasty place full of scared, old, white men grasping for every little bit of power they can. It’ll happen. May just be after I’m going. Here’s hoping it happens before then.


The real problem is that C++ is neither easy nor loved. Rust got an 87% approval rate in the “most loved” category of the Stack Overflow Survey. However, only 9.3% of respondents used Rust at all and only 8.8% did so professionally. C++, meanwhile, languished at 48%.

Look, I don’t want to work on some web3 thing either. Why would I use my talents as a C++ developer to work on a thing I don’t care for? Sure, you could offer me tons of cash and it would be tempting but ultimately I’d be bored to death.

I’ve worked on award winning Windows Applications and highly performant video encoding and decoding systems. I can’t see working on trading systems. Nope, nope, nope.

NBC News

The U.S. military has been monitoring a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon that has been hovering over the northern U.S. for the past few days, and military and defense leaders have discussed shooting it out of the sky, according to two U.S. officials and a senior defense official.

This is really strange to me. We should bring it down, but in a controlled way if at all possible. It would be fascinating to examine what the onboard package contains.

Who knows, maybe it’s full of radioactive material in hopes we will shoot it down. That would be our luck. 😂


WESTLAKE, Ohio, January 30, 2023–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TravelCenters of America Inc. (Nasdaq: TA), the nation’s largest publicly-traded full-service travel center network, announced today an agreement with Electrify America to offer electric vehicle charging at select TA/Petro locations with the first stations planned to be deployed in 2023. Electrify America is the largest open direct current fast-charging network in the U.S.

This is excellent! There are so many nice electric vehicles on the market today so setting up a massive charging network makes sense.

The old time car companies have caught up to Space Karen’s car company and in many ways surpassed it. Good. We need the competition.

Tiny Apple Core

Which style is better?

SFGate: ”Twitter was sued for millions of dollars over allegations of unpaid rent at the company’s San Francisco headquarters, according to a lawsuit filed on Friday, Jan. 20.”


Twitter was sued for millions of dollars over allegations of unpaid rent at the company’s San Francisco headquarters, according to a lawsuit filed on Friday, Jan. 20.

RibbitI’m curious what folks think of the two quoting styles above? The top version is the way I quoted things for years and years, dating back to 2001.

The second is a blockquote. I’ve been doing that more recently.

Which one is better for my blog? 🤔

Miss Priss has decided she should watch The Last of Us.

Today’s NFL Division Championship game picks.

Bengals over Chiefs

49’ers over Eagles

Let’s hope I do better than last weekend. 🤞🏼

Unintentionally did a 3.5mi hike today by taking the wrong fork. Ups and downs, muddy, the works.

Kolby and I are done. 😂

Saturday Morning Coffee

Cold EspressoWelp, I’m really gonna need that coffee this morning. Kolby, our puppers, decided 4:30 would be a great time to get up. I was able to ask him to lay down, which means I get another hour, and just like clockwork he woke me up and 5:30. 😀

I’ve done a little poking around my Mastodon timeline this morning and started going through Pocket to see what I was sharing this morning.

First cup down, couple more to go, let’s get started. ☕️

Louie Mantia

All the designers there have a very different taste and style from each other, but they all work together so well. If anything, I felt a little intimidated being the youngest, feeling I might muck it all up. But everyone here was determined to not let me fail. I don’t think I knew what the best job could feel like before I had it.

This is a great piece on Louis time at The Iconfactory.

Louie went on to work for Apple and did the icons for iTunes among other things. After that he started Pacific Helm in San Francisco before landing in Portland to create Parakeet. He’s an amazing designer and if you’re an app creator you may want to hire him to do some beautiful icons for you.

Ars Technica

The New York Times has a report about which divisions are being hit the hardest, and a big one is Google’s future OS development group, Fuchsia.

I check in on Fuschia from time to time and I’d love to see it land on a computing device like Android or Pixel. Perhaps something a bit more powerful, like a web server?


This futuristic dream-like scenario is being sold to us as a real scientific possibility, with billionaires planning to move humanity to Mars in the near future.

It would be so much better to invest all that time and resources to saving this planet. After that, please, pursue your conquest of Mars.

Daring Fireball

It’s worse than that, though, because if you were delivered a newspaper with random stories scissored out, you’d know that there were missing stories.

As expected Twitter is beginning to decay. And it has become a bit of a ghost town in my timeline, I do check on occasion, but refuse to post.

The Verge

Asked whether his recent tweets — spreading tawdry conspiracy theories about the attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband, embracing COVID misinformation, mocking trans people, making groan-inducing, jokes, and exposing himself as a right-wing troll — has harmed Tesla’s brand image, Musk responded with characteristic mocking defiance.

Musk is deluded to the point that he only cares about his popularity at the expense of Tesla.

The board should let him go and get someone who can run the company.


At this point in the pandemic, almost everyone in the U.S. has had COVID-19—whether they know it or not. But something more alarming is happening: A growing number of people are getting reinfected with SARS-CoV-2.

I’ve been wondering for a while if I’m just that out of shape or if COVID did some damage to my lungs. Most likely I’m out of shape but I feel really bad for all the poor souls with long COVID.

Barn Finds

In the pantheon of old Fords, the ’32 coupe and various Model As are always favorites with hot-rodders and collectors.

I’m not what I’d call a car guy but I do run across a car on Barn Finds or Jalopnik I’d love to have. My Dad has a ‘37 Chevy Coup he restored from a rust bucket. I need to find some pictures. It’s a beautiful car.


Welcome to Smithsonian Open Access, where you can download, share, and reuse millions of the Smithsonian’s images—right now, without asking.

The Smithsonian is absolutely amazing. I think they need an iOS and Android App for sharing. 😃

Mike McBride

The cost-saving effects of layoffs are almost non-existent. So why? It’s one thing to be losing money and need to cut costs. It’s another to be a pretty profitable organization with layoffs that don’t wind up cutting costs.

Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have laid off around 50,000 folks recently. The tech sector continues to take hit after hit after hit.

I know WillowTree is in great shape but this kind of movement in the industry can spread. Here’s hoping we’ve seen the last of it for a while.

David Masover via LinkedIn

I’m the Google SRE who made sure to hand off the pager in the minutes after I got laid off on 2023-01-20. If you’ve worked at Google (or maybe even if you haven’t), you may have heard some version of this story. Here’s what actually happened:

This fella is dedicated. After being laid off he felt the need to track down someone to hand his job off to.

I admire the dedication but Google didn’t feel dedicated enough to you to let you keep your job. Keep that in mind. We’re all expendable to corporations.

Tiny Apple Core


More pictures of Flynn can’t hurt, right?

Get a blog

The best way to own your content is to have your own blog.

Ribbit Sure, Mastodon is open and a great way to share simple thoughts, but you can do that with your blog and echo it to Mastodon or link directly to a post on your blog.

For posts over 280 characters I typically post a link to it, otherwise it’s just a copy of the text.

We got some good family photos durning Thanksgiving.

We have Kim and I, our children, and our grand children.

Kim and I with the grandkids.

The cousins on Kim’s side of the family. It was so nice to have them all together.

The family.

Grammy, Papi, and the grandkids.

The cousins.

Just watched this little feller run across the lawn, crawl in a drain pipe, then run over and hop on one of Kim’s barrels. Good thing she didn’t see him. It’s Chunker, the one that likes to raid her bird feeders. 🐿️

NFL Division Round Picks

I was terrible with my picks last weekend. I went two for five! Ack! 😵‍💫

It was a real letdown to see San Diego and Baltimore lose. I was happy to see the Giants win. Poor Minnesota, they can’t catch a break.

Here are this weeks picks. 🏈

#4 Jacksonville at #1 Kansas City

Jacksonville has the youth and a great coach but I believe time has run out for the up and comer. I’ll take Kansas City. Easy pick.

#3 Cincinnati at #2 Buffalo

This is a tough one. Cincinnati got some really great breaks as Baltimore did everything possible to lose. Great teams cause havoc.

On the flip side the Bill did their best to lose to Miami but managed to pull it out of the fire.

The Bills were my pick to win it all so of course they’re my pick.

#6 New York at #1 Philadelphia

This one is tough for me. New York has been playing really great football and seeing their NFC rival for the third time this season who knows what’ll happen. Philly should be well rested and ready to roll but I’m going to take the New York Giants as my upset special.

#5 Dallas at #2 San Francisco

While the Cowboys looked unstoppable against the Buccaneers they were playing a not so great team. Tom Brady looked 45 and frightened all night. Heck I’d be terrified of Micah Parsons hitting me. The man is a one man wrecking crew.

Having said all that. The team to most fear right now is the San Francisco 49’ers. Give me the 9’ers.

Saturday Morning Coffee

Good morning! I hope your coffee is strong and you’re ready to read some random links? ☕️

Spicy Mexican Coffee

The Iconfactory

While this chapter may have ended, our story is not over. We’ll continue improving our other apps, creating new apps, doing amazing design work for our clients, and posting awesome wallpapers to Wallaroo and Patreon.


We have taken everything great about Tweetbot and used it as the starting point for the future of Ivory.

I’ve been posting on this topic for a while now. Musk is a big caca-doodoo-head and shutting down third-party Twitter clients isn’t a good idea. Why? They’re much better than Twitter’s own client.

Twitter should’ve reached out to these tiny app creators and offered to work with them to include advertising in their timeline streams or offered to buy a few of them and turn each app into a unique client for various Twitter endeavors. Like one that specializes in video and one that specializes in news. Something like that. Give folks more options, not fewer. 🫡🐦

By contrast Mastodon, being a completely open platform, is flourishing thanks to third-party clients! There are so many new iOS Apps for Mastodon it’ll make your head spin. Some have been around for years and have seen a resurgence, others are brand new. They give folks options. Variety, the spice of life!

One other very important point to make. Hitching your wagon to a company that can shut off access at any time was a dangerous move. These indie devs knew what they were doing, but it doesn’t hurt them any less.

I’ve been switching between three very good clients; Toot!, Ivory (beta), and Ice Cubes. Each have something about them I really enjoy, but there are so many more just waiting in the wings.

Also, Musk is failing in many ways. Twitter is a mess and Tesla stock is plummeting. I’m surprised Tesla Board hasn’t fired him. 🔥


So maybe it’s surprising that any defense attorneys for the Proud Boys have said anything coherent, let alone incisive. Yet right there in the opening arguments, Sabino Jauregui, who is defending Tarrio, went straight at the prosecution’s weak spot: The government is putting the insurrection’s foot soldiers on trial, while leaving the man who led and directed them, Donald Trump, not just untouched by the law but running for president again. (Supposedly.)

To this I say “Duh!” Yes, that slimeball TFG should be in jail.

Here’s hoping Justice is served.

Daring Fireball

The best interfaces to Twitter, on any platforms, were all native apps on the iPhone and Mac. We’re now on the cusp of a new frontier with Mastodon, and it’s Apple’s utterly clueless bureaucratic App Store reviewers who are doing their best to lock the new playground’s gates before they even open.

John is talking about a beautiful, highly functional, Mastodon client called Ice Cubes. The Apple App Store review process can throw some really weird reasons at folks why they won’t approve an app. Stream was rejected three times because I use the word subscribe in it and they thought I was collecting money and wanted their cut. They insisted I use in app purchase for subscriptions. 😵‍💫

Short story long, Ice Cubes was finally approved and I honestly believe someone at Apple read John’s piece and fixed the situation. 💪🏼

From its humble beginnings as a personal project in the mid-90s, PHP has grown to become one of the most popular languages for web development, powering everything from small blogs to large enterprise applications.

I know what you’re gonna say, PHP is garbage. I don’t think so. It’s been used for years and years and while some folks may find it strange I think it’s a much better language than JavaScript and it continues to improve.

Ars Technica

Legislators of the nation’s least-populous state are taking a brave stand against modernity and climate action. They’re sponsoring SJ0004, “Phasing out new electric vehicle sales by 2035,” an uncomplicated bill that expresses the state’s goal to phase out sales of new EVs by 2035 and asks Wyoming’s industries and citizens to do their civic duty in resisting the EV.

These folks are just ridiculous. When the world becomes so difficult to live in they’ll all ask “What caused this.” We all know what’s causing it. Us, continuing to do things we know are destroying the planet.

Dave Rogers

But I’m conscious of the fact that what I’m doing involves writing; and I have two fears when I’m doing this, neither of which has had the good effect of compelling me to stop. I’m afraid that I’m writing badly, and I’m afraid that it’s boring.

I love reading Dave’s stuff, always have. Like Dave I started my weblog to become a better writer. It hasn’t worked but I still enjoy doing it. Keep up the good work Dave!

Support Indie Developers. That’s it, that’s the commentary.

Sam Soffes

This year was a unique year. I started the year without a job or a place to live. My house in San Francisco just sold, so I had house money in my checking account. Now what?

Great read from Sam. I’d love to become a nomad, traveling the country with Kim and our animal family in a big RV. Yes, id like to make it our full time home!

Anywho, Sam talks about his year of Van Life and it sounds so exciting.

Maybe someday.🤞🏼

Dave Rupert

So you want to make a new JS framework

Web development is still way too difficult. In 2011 I realized most of it boils down to DevOps, not the code so much. We could write, debug, and test code locally but were at the mercy of how the network was configured to make it scale. Yes, we found and fixed bottlenecks in code as we went along, but the DevOps folks were the real heroes.

Go read what Mr. Rupert outlines in his post. It’s ridiculous it takes that much to publish a new JavaScript framework.

Also, why are folks still making new JavaScript frameworks? 🤔


Regal Cinemas, the second-largest chain of movie theaters in the U.S., will close 39 locations after its parent company Cineworld filed for bankruptcy in September, according to legal filings obtained by Variety.

Cut, cut, cut!I love seeing movies on the big screen, always have, but the new realities of COVID-19 have made me a very cautious person. I’ve seen two movies in theaters since the pandemic hit, both at very quiet times for a theatre.

It is sad to see our Charlottesville Regal hit by the closures. It is a really nice theatre.

Tiny Apple Core

Me circa 2001, Oslo, Norway.

The Musk Files - Mind the Rules

Let’s see how Mr. Musks management of Twitter is going!

TL;DR - it’s a mess.

The Verge and New York Magazine

Those who remain at the company mostly fall into two camps: people trapped by the need for health care and visas or cold-eyed mercenaries hoping to ascend through a power vacuum.

This piece is really wonderful. Take a few minutes and read the entire thing. Musk is so arrogant and is burning Twitter to ashes one bad move at a time.

Instead, he interrupted. “I was writing C programs in the ’90s,” he said dismissively. “I understand how ­computers work.”

All that’s missing in that scene is him smacking the lady he’s talking to on the butt then taking a drag off of his cigar and a sip of bourbon.

Dude, I was also writing C programs in the 90’s and I’ve been around the block a few times. When someone is investing valuable time out of their day to explain things to you, listen. Only talk if you need clarification. Twitter is a giant machine with many moving parts. I cannot imagine one person knowing and understanding how it operates. Web services are hard, even little ones. Can you imagine how hard it must be to serve millions and millions of users daily?

Arrogant and not a genius.


In case there was any doubt about Twitter’s intentions in cutting off the developers of third-party apps, the company has quietly updated its developer agreement to make clear that app makers are no longer permitted to create their own clients.

Paul Haddad apologizes for breaking a rule that existed after he broke it.

The Iconfactory

We are sorry to say that the app’s sudden and undignified demise is due to an unannounced and undocumented policy change by an increasingly capricious Twitter – a Twitter that we no longer recognize as trustworthy nor want to work with any longer.

A beautiful goodbye written by one of Twitterrific’s long term caretakers. Sean has spent most of his career working on the best Twitter client on the platform. It was ahead of it’s time in so many ways.

It was the first desktop client, the first mobile client, one of the very first apps in the App Store, an Apple Design award winner, and it even helped redefine the word “tweet” in the dictionary.

If anything we need to remember Twitterrific for all its firsts. It made Twitter usable on a mobile phone. It paved the way.

Twitter realized it needed an iOS client of its own, bought Tweetie, and promptly turned it into a user experience mess. Many of us used third-party clients because they were just better.

Flynn loves to cuddle. Tonight’s winner, my foot. 😄

Elon Musk is a liar

According to Twitter some client applications stopped working because they broke a rule.

What rule? We don’t know which rule they broke. What we do know is what their own Developer Agreement and Policy states.

V. Termination. Twitter may immediately terminate or suspend this Agreement, any rights granted herein, and/or your license to the Licensed Materials, at its sole discretion at any time, for any reason by providing notice to you.

Emphasis is mine. I copied that text right out of Twitter’s Developer Agreement and Policy

The folks at The Iconfactory and Tapbots haven’t heard a word from Twitter. They just had their access turned off.

Hockenberry on Space Karen

Craig Hockenberry

What bothers me about Twitterrific’s final day is that it was not dignified. There was no advance notice for its creators, customers just got a weird error, and no one is explaining what’s going on. We had no chance to thank customers who have been with us for over a decade. Instead, it’s just another scene in their ongoing shit show.

Ollie! The Twitterrific BirdTwitterrific was the first Twitter application. Not the first for iOS, it was the first.

I’ve been using it since the first version built with the official iOS SDK. The original version worked with jailbroken phones, if memory serves?

Of course how can you blame Craig for being extremely pissed off? Of course it’s Twitter’s right to cut off access. The Iconfactory knew that when they built Twitterrific, but to not have the courtesy — never mind courtesy, the guts — to contact all the companies impacted by the change and give them a little runway so they could at least remove the apps from sale and inform their dedicated customers of the pending change.

Twitter’s new owner is a coward and not nearly as smart as everyone thought.

Thank you Iconfactory! Thank you for over 15-years of Twitterrific and all the beautiful software you create.

Here’s wishing you all the best for your next great project! ❤️

You can support The Iconfactory on Patreon or go purchase one of their beautifully designed apps. My current favorite is Wallaroo.

NFL Playoffs

I really wanted the Giants to beat the Vikings but I didn’t expect it to happen, so I was pleased to see them win 31-24.

I was shocked to see San Diego lose to Jacksonville. When it was 27-7 I changed the channel, watched some random series I can’t remember now, and crawled into bed around 2AM. I didn’t check the score until this morning. It was a big shock.

Baltimore at Cincinnati are next. Go Baltimore! 🏈

Ms. Priss enjoying her best life.